Not fair for Arlington: Pup scheduled to die because ‘not acclimated’

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On Saturday afternoon, Arlington is scheduled to be euthanized at the Brooklyn facility of the New York City Animal Care Centers. The four-year-old bully and Labrador retriever mix had been abandoned when his family moved away; his humans moved the furniture but never returned for their dogs. According to shelter notes, Arlington is rated “rescue only.” 

“They say he has not acclimated well to the kennel environment. They are lying,” states shelter personnel, and now an all out campaign to save a young dog’s life has been launched.


Arlington’s story began when he and his brother Fuzzy thought they were going onto their next adventure, but when the truck pulled away, and they waited and waited for their family to return, both dogs were  finally taken to the Brooklyn shelter. Fuzzy was lucky; he was adopted quickly, but Arlington looks like a pitty and nobody wanted him. Sad and lonely, he waits to die.



What do we know about Arlington? Check out video #1:

A volunteer writes the following:

“Arlington might need a moment or two to loosen up, but once he does you’ll find you have a new shining star in your universe! He is SO sweet that my heart swells just thinking about him. He wiggles his entire back end when we make eye contact and does a little happy dance with his front paws before shimmying my way and continues to shimmy as he leans against me for pets, ensuring no spot is left un-pet! He pulls on leash, seems housebroken, and bats his paws in the air for treats before I can even ask (it’s the cutest! he knows “sit” and “down” too). He LOVES toys and will drop them in my lap when he’s ready for me to throw them again. He has a smile that belongs in the pages of calendars and topples over for belly rubs like there’s no tomorrow. He is a big lug AND a big love.”

Check out video #2:

Volunteers say Arlington in getting “railroaded” by the shelter. Check out video#3 and see if you agree; this dog is easy to handle and deserves a new life instead of a needle in his leg forever putting out his flame of life.

Time is running out for this dog. Follow his Facebook page here.

TO SAVE ARLINGTON, please post here for assistance. Death row pups only get 18 hours to find a home. Killing starts at 1:00.

ARLINGTON, ID # 16683, Estimated To Be 4 Years Old, 74.4 lbs.
Brooklyn cc, Brown, Unaltered Male
Came to the Shelter as: Stray
Shelter Assessment Rating: New Hope Rescue Only

SHELTER ASSESSMENT – Date of assessment:: 12/26/2017 (not assessed).

Summary: Arlington went outside for a walk and became timid and curious, he displayed stiff body language, whale eyes and hard barking at one of the handlers. BEHAVIOR DETERMINATION: NEW HOPE ONLY
Behavior Asilomar: TM – Treatable-Manageable
Recommendations:: No young children (under 5),Place with a New Hope partner

To adopt:

Step 2: Go to the red menu button on the top right corner, click register and fill in your info.
Step 3: Go to your email and verify account
Step 4: Go back to the website, click the menu button and view available dogs
Step 5: Scroll to the animal you are interested and click reserve
Step 7: Fill in your credit card info and complete transaction Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)

Shelter contact information
Phone number (212) 788-4000
Email [email protected]

Shelter Addresses:
Brooklyn Shelter: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208

(Photos and video courtesy of Must Love Dogs and NYC ACC)

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  1. Please don’t kill this dog because humans failed him they should be charged also the landlord knows who lived there but nothing will be done and this poor pup will be killed because of it doesn’t make any sense to me I pray you do not kill him

  2. First of all lets get one thing straight – NYCACC is in no way a ‘Care’ center – this hell hole murders dogs daily under the direction of Risa Weinstock, Director and her rotten staff. The so called ‘assessors’ deem any dog that is terrified as aggressive and set them up for euthanasia with approximately 18 hours before killing them. If the dog is even similar to a pit bull they have zero chance of being put up for adoption. This place has no right to call itself a ‘shelter’ as they do little to nothing to help any animal adjust. If it weren’t for the volunteers, the public would never know about these doomed animals.

      • Hearbreaking. Arlington deserved a loving home. You can tell he was a sweet baby. So wrong. Why don’t they prosecute this Risa Weinstock for animal cruelty.

      • He was young & healthy,they did not “Euthanise” him,they killed him.You’re right Cheryl,he never had a chance.I hope the family who dumped him learn that he is dead.

  3. 12/30/17 NYCACC IN BROOKLYN, NY MURDERED ARLINGTON AFTER ONLY 18 HRS ON THE KILL LIST, under the direction of Shelter Manager Sean Patrick Malloy, Executive Director Risa Weinstock and New Hope Supervisor Stephen Valentin. The assessor says he could not be safered – isnt that what they get paid to do??? What kind of incompetent uneducated lazy assessors are employed at this facility! Videos do not lie – watch them and observe his loving nature! Arlington is the second pup in two days that lost his life because of the same BS rating due to incompetent assessors! Each boy had multiple pictures and videos showing their real personality. NYCACC says euth due to behavior – thats a complete lie leading people to believe a dog was aggressive, but that is not true. That term includes all shy, scared, and dogs ‘not acclimating’ to their standards. So how do they justify both boys being murdered if they flop on their back for belly rubs, sit on command, lay down, and take treats gently from a volunteer???? The proof of who these boys were is in their videos! Even more heartbreaking Arlington also had someone who wanted him but when she called the adoption counselor, she was a complete idiot – reading the shelter notes word for word, even though she never met him, even saying he was aggressive and the volunteer lied about how sweet he was! I wish we had that adoption counselors name! This is NOT a care center – this place is full of incompetent monsters playing God and beautiful dogs are being slaughtered because of it!!! I am so sorry sweet boy that you ended up in the house of horrors. Maybe some day the tax payers in NYC will give a damn. You mattered to a lot of people, even though we never met you. Your beautiful brown eyes will be forever be in our hearts. Fly free Arlington 🙁


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