No fight left: Abandoned and malnourished dog saved by rescue group

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Eddy’s Dogs, a non-profit rescue from Miami-Dade County, had been patrolling the edges of the Everglades, Redlands and the Homestead areas  on Thursday feeding  homeless dogs along a regular route. Included are abandoned dogs, cats and birds – on a regular basis averaging 50 to 60 dogs a day. Most of the time Eddie Alvarez, the founder of the rescue, pays for the vetting of injured animals out of his own pocket; often receiving scraps from local restaurants so the animals won’t go hungry. He tries his best to care for the dogs until each can be rescued and saved from such despicable and heartbreaking fates.

This day was a different when volunteers made a shocking discovery. There she was; an abandoned, severely malnourished, dehydrated dog who had been lying between pots of palm trees – too tired and too depressed to even move. Infested with fleas, ticks and mange, volunteers had no intentions of leaving her, although it seemed she had just been waiting to die. And so they gently picked her up – her spine and her hip bones only covered by the loose skin and what remained of her once beautiful brindle coat. 

“She has no fight left in her,” stated rescue founder, Eddie Alvarez. “…found this angel just laying there ready to die! We are not going to let this happen. She is emaciated, severe eye infection, covered in mange. She has no fight left in her! Well we are going to fight for her.”

Dubbed Tammy Lynne, after a close friend regarded as a fighter and survivor,  Alvarez updated details of the dog’s uphill battle after she had been evaluated by the emergency veterinarian hospital. Tammy Lynne suffers from kidney damage, has an open wound, is full of hookworms, heart worm positive in an advanced stage, and she also suffers from eye and ear infections. No one knows how long she has been fighting to survive – her prognosis is still unknown. She is receiving intravenous fluids, pain medications and vitamins;  the veterinarian staff have cleaned her wounds, her eyes and her ears. It is hoped she can be stabilized.

You can follow Tammy Lynne’s story of the organization’s Facebook page. Updates will follow; in the meantime Tammy Lynne hopes advocates keep their fingers and toes crossed so that she may survive and live another day.

To donate to Tammy Lynne’s medical expenses, please click here.






Check out Tammy Lynne’s video:

URGENT‼️‼️‼️Please help us !!! were out doing our regular feed route And found this Angel just laying there ready to die!! We are not going to let this happen! She is emaciated, severe eye infection, covered in mange. She has no fight left in her! Well we are going to fight for her! We are rushing her into get immediate emergency medical attention!! We will keep you updated on her prognosis as soon as possible …

Posted by Eddy's Dogs .501c 3, non-profit org. on Thursday, March 30, 2017

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  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Crying AGAIN!!! I could fill an ocean with all the tears that I spill over this HORROR!!! What IMMENSE suffering this beautiful dog is going thru! I can barely contain the pain in my heart and soul and the outrage of it all! HUMANITY HAS CREATED THIS PROBLEM AND HUMANITY NEEDS TO FIX IT!!! Eddie Alvarez is now a personal hero to me!! My Dad has a house in Ft.Lauderdale that I go to a few times a year and I HAVE to met this ANGEL!!! Would LOVE to be involved with his rescue when I’m in Florida! He is the kind of human being that I want to be around,it would be a gift and a blessing to know this ANGEL!! OMG! I hope Tammy Lynn makes a full recovery,and I wish I was in the position to adopt this baby! Unfortunately I can only afford the three rescues that I already have due to the cost of vet care! I would NEVER have a dog that I could not give good vet care to! GOD BLESS EDDIE ALVAREZ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • LESLIE says:

      Cynthia you put all i feel about this poor baby into words and my tears too…i do not know Eddie but bless his big heart..i am a fan of him( now that i know he exists! ;)) )
      Praying for a quick recovery

  2. Donna Hawkins says:

    Once again I’m shocked at the human race ! 50 or 60 animals a day what is wrong with people!!!? Thank goodness for these rescuers!

    • Michael Sunberg says:

      You can mail a check directly to Eddy at Eddy’s Dogs 8125 SW 206th Terrace Cutler Bay, Fl. 33189 Thank you

  3. Sara-Patti Mason says:

    God bless you Eddie Alvarez and your people for all your kind work. And God bless and heal you Tammy Lynne. Prayers!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thank you to Eddy’s Rescue for coming to the aid of this poor dog – anyone who would just dump these helpless animals should be hogtied and dumped in the everglades – gator lunch.


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