New Hampshire arsonist responsible for death of 4 dogs sentenced to decades of prison

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In Brentwood, New Hampshire a 29-year-old convicted arsonist will spend decades in prison after being sentenced on Friday by a Rockingham Superior Court judge for setting a series of fires resulting in the deaths of four dogs. Gregory Bruno was found guilty of arson after he and his girlfriend split up sparking a crime spree ranging from January to May 2015.

According to WmurNews, Bruno will serve a minimum 22 years in prison to the maximum of 60 years; he has already served 788 days of pre-trial confinement which will be credited. In addition, he will be required to undergo complete psychological diagnosis and follow prescribed treatments upon his release. He also faces an additional 15 years of probation.

In January 2015, Bruno began harassing  his ex-girlfriend, Alison Anzalone with setting fires including a fire at Alison’s own home. Her family’s three dogs were killed in the blaze. Bruno then set about starting more fires including a self storage area, a house in Epping and a car in a parking lot outside of a gym. Another dog died in that fire. A jury convicted Bruno of 28 crimes which included felony and misdemeanor chargesof arson of an occupied structure, arson, burglary, animal cruelty, attempted arson, criminal threatening, false public alarm and soliciting.

Bruno had been under surveillance for months after harassing Alison and her family with anonymous text messages including some of the following as reported by the UnionLeader:

“I killed the dog in the car fire at Planet Fitness in Exeter on Saturday,” said one message. (The fire actually happened in Stratham.)

Another sent to a detective’s cell phone said, “Once we kill Alison and her family next we’re done and she will never talk to Greg again. Have dogs?”

Bruno was also ordered not to have any contact with Alison and 18 other people. May all the dogs rest in peace.

(Photo of Bruno screenshot by Union Leader)

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6 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope everyday Gregory Bruno spends in prison he is raped, intimidated, ripped off, beat up and thoroughly abused in every way possible. He deserves every possible abuse predatory inmates can deal out to him.

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Finally a judge with some cohones! But it was probably for the arson, not the killing of the dogs. RIP puppies!

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! This will give me nightmares! WHY IN THE HELL WOULD THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM EVER EVER LET THIS PSYCHOTIC SICKO OUT OF PRISON??? He does not deserve to breathe,and talk about being a danger to society! I really do not care how much mental health help he recieves,u can’t fix EVIL!!!!! Maybe a fellow in mate will do the world of favor and end his despicable life!!! POS


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