Dog on a trailer

Woman horrified after seeing dog being transported on open trailer

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A woman in Kentucky was shocked and dismayed when she saw an SUV pulling an open trailer with a dog tethered on top. On June 27, Facebook user Andi Isom posted a video that her nine-year-old child took of the concerning situation – she wrote:

I cannot believe what I’m seeing!!! This guy needs found! West Paducah by Hucks! Please share this!!!!

The post created an uproar – hundreds of comments were left and the video was shared over 1500 times. Comments ranged from “WTF!?” to “Well this is just stupid,” and “This is just plain wrong!”

But McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden reviewed the footage and though it is “alarming,” it is not illegal, reported ABC 7 News.

Obviously, the safest place for a dog is inside of a vehicle – not in the open bed of a truck, or on a trailer. The video which was posted to Facebook is below – what would you do if you saw this on the road?

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  1. Angela Corso says:

    One quick turn or stop and this dog is going to be critically injured or killed. Why tie anything living to a trailer??? My God, he looks terrified. Stupid people do stupid things.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What good will it do to find the POS, If “it is “alarming,” but not illegal, Unbelievable what people do to their pets!

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    My friend’s ex-husband tethered their german shepherd in the cargo bed of their pickup truck – very bad idea……. the dog tried to jump out of the truck while on they were on the freeway and was strangled…….

    Great dog, RIP (& 32 years later, I still tear up thinking about it)…….

  4. Cynthia Como says:

    The height of asinine stupidity is a lot of people never shocks and dismays me anymore! Did u know a list was just released which ranked each states level of good animal cruelty laws and the state of Kentucky ranked the very worst out of all 50 states for the ninth year in a row???? We can lump Kentucky right with China,South Korea,the Philippines and Mexico! So in this backwoods,ignorant,incompatent state this isn’t illegal! Companion animals need to have the LEGAL right to be safe from harm! My heart bleeds for this abused dog!

  5. Sherry says:

    How the F is this NOT illegal? This is just animal cruelty; obviously the dog would be terrified and the MONSTEROUS ASSHOLE OWNER is putting him in extreme danger. I am forever amazed at law enforcements lack of interest in protecting animals. Lazy or just don’t give a damn about other living creatures, I don’t know. This is ridiculous to let this go on. What’s next, putting the dog’s house on top your roof and that’s alright too I suppose. At the least it is NEGLECTFUL. Come on, charges could be pressed on this, stupid effing so called law enforcement.

    • Darlene Wilson says:

      The back seat of that vehicle was EMPTY! No one there! So……why tie the puppy in the trailer? One stop, too fast on a curve and that puppy can receive a broken neck, be dragged and fall off the back! Law needs changed and driver begs to be sited. Let’s ask ourselves……would you do this to a child or other human you loved?

  6. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Save this poor dog and get it to a sanctuary immediately! Next arrest that owner and put him in prison . Step three fire and arrest that sheriff for abetting this abuse after the fact and for taking taxpayers money without doing his job or in other words municipal corruption!

  7. debor33 says:

    Not to mention how terribly hot it’s been and his little paws must be so burned….it looks like maybe an older day…..I hope he wasn’t taking it to an animal shelter…..why else would he have this poor baby tied on like this? If he really loved his fur baby it would be inside in the a/c……some people don’t deserve a pet.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    So it is legal in Kentucky to put an animal is a position to be killed or seriously injured – YOUR LAWS NEED TO BE CHANGED – this is not only stupid, it is extremely dangerous and whoever would do this needs a smack in the head w/a 2×4. Totally irresponsible, cruel and dangerous.

  9. Red says:

    I swear some people do not have the sense God gave a cucumber!!! If this IDIOT is in a wreck…. he will launch that animal and snap it’s neck. I hope this person is found and given HELL by social media!! It would be nice for the police to get involved, but that doesn’t sound like it will happen.
    KARMA…… GO GET THEM….they are too stupid to survive in this world!


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