Miami man confesses to ‘slapping and possibly choking’ Yorkie for vomiting in car

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In Miami Beach, Florida, police have arrested and charged Sigman Hernandez for allegedly beating a Yorkie and leaving the severely injured dog in a Publix supermarket parking garage near a trash receptacle. According to the Miami Herald, Hernandez confessed to “slapping and possibly choking” the six-pound Yorkshire terrier for vomiting in his car.

Earlier in the day, when authorities identified Hernandez from the surveillance camera videos and asked him to come into the Miami Police Department for questioning, the suspect denied everything – telling police he had found the suffering dog outside and brought her into the garage so she wouldn’t get hit by a car. Hernandez then told police he had to leave for work as a delivery person after using the rest room.

More questions, more excuses and then finally came the disturbing details of having slapped and possibly choked his defenseless dog:

“The defendant admitted to pushing his dog with his feet while the dog lay on the garage floor,” the officer wrote in Hernandez’s report. “The defendant then abandoned his dog to suffer without providing care and assistance.”

The Yorkshire terrier, dubbed Lily by her rescuers, was found by an employee in the garage located at West Avenue on April 7. She was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital in critical condition by responding police officers. Upon examination, veterinarians determined the dog dubbed Lily by her rescuers, suffered from seven broken ribs on her left side and two broken ribs on her right side. Her neck was also swollen, and her eyes were bloodshot indicating she may have also been strangled. Despite doctors doing their best, Lily died two days later.

The surveillance video captured a man in a red Toyota Yaris in the garage the day Lily was found. The man can be seen removing something from his car. At one point he is seen moving up and down – in the spot where Lily’s dying body was found. 

Hernandez, 40, has been charged with a third-degree felony animal cruelty charge, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. He also faces one count of animal abandonment. He was being held Wednesday night in Miami-Dade’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $6,000 bond.
(Photo of Hernandez possibly slapping and choking Yorkie and Lily courtesy of Miami Police Department)
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  1. He is a disgusting pig. Look at how big and ugly this man and he beat an 8 pound dog??? I hope this story continues to be followed.

      • Please contact the Dade County attorney and search Dade county court cases with this man’s name. You will find his records, his presecutor and judges name,court date is May 19@9:30 am. Let’s contact them and the paper to ask for justice for little “Lilly” and stop monsters like him before they strike again. Case #F-17-007585. REGJB building, room # 7-2 in Miami. Call-email-fax please.

  2. If there is ANY justice this POS will get the full 5 years in prison and the $10,000 fine, and that won’t even be enough for what he did. May this POS rot in Hell!

  3. This vile POS deserves every bit of 5 years in prison! He did all of this because a TINY DOG vomited in his car? How many times have I cleaned dog (and cat) vomit from any number of things in my home, including clothing and furniture? IT HAPPENS! It is part of being a pet owner! People vomit, too! What would this scumbag do if that helpless dog were his child?

    Come to think of it, 5 years is way too lenient………..

  4. Fat POS! He was just pushing her? More like stomping too have caused 6 broken ribs. Obviously this wasn’t the first time he abused Lily and it won’t be the last time he’ll abuse another animal.

  5. Kids, dogs, and adults even vomit when they are sick. If someone can’t deal with that, what are they doing as a care giver to anyone? Give him the max, wish he’d get lots more. Five years isn’t enough time to make up for what he did to poor Lily. Breaks my heart. I’m sure she was expecting him to take care of her when she was sick, and that’s what he gives her instead. Makes me feel hatred and I can’t help it. Much love to lily; rest peacefully, doll.

    • Broke my heart to – Cute little Lily. As frustrated as I might get with my cats knocking something over or yes regularly throwing up hairballs or just vomiting for whatever reason It NEVER occurs to me to hit or slap or choke them. They look pretty scared that somethings wrong. I’m not going to add to that! Rest in peace sweet Lily – my cats & dogs will friend you at the Bridge ????

  6. Is there any way to start a petition requesting that this monster get the MAXIMUM sentance? If anyone has experience with this, please respond. An example needs to be set. This is horrific.

  7. I’d get a thrill out of puking right in this bastard’s face – let him try to kick and choke me – Sigmon Hernandez, I hope your cell mate is one huge pervert and your stay hell on earth – you so well deserve all the worst – may you end up living and dying a slow painful death under a filthy bridge.

  8. I for one,can’t wait to see what a judge does in this case! The option is there to give him 5years so I hope the judge gives him that! It’s all over the news down there in Florida so I hope that is incentive enough to impose the MAXIUM sentence to this big fat brutal killer of this tiny dog! My heart is once again broken!

  9. I hope he gets punishment to the fullest extent of the law…..I wish he could get any more….that great big man did more than he said he did to that little baby… heart aches for that sweet little baby..

  10. Cette sous merde doit mourrir dans les mêmes souffrances que ce pauvre bébé. Pas de pitié pour les assassins. ????????????

    • I am pushing for justice for little Lilly who suffered horribly for days. Please contact the Dade County attorney and look up this court case. You will find the judges name, the court date is May 19 @ 9:30 am. Please contact them both and let’s make our voices heard. Pass this on.

  11. You fat pig coward l hope u get raped in prison l hope someone anyone throws bleach in your eyes so you can see nothing but black as your heart is black.
    I hope u die painfully and long cold alone n no one to save you.
    I have a 4 yr old female yorkie n you make me sick..DIE you fat fuckin pig !!!!

  12. Why are we even wasting our time b in this man. I Owen three wonderful dogs they throw uo, the have accident from tone to time it’s all in the linen of having a pet.
    People who abuse animals have been proven to go non to kill harm.people

    • Yes they do ….as pets cry painfully for anyone to please help them.
      Whenever l hear that….l run to the animal crying out.
      The diffence is when a human baby gets beatin they can not remember that when they are older.
      ANY animal remembers All the beatin as soon as they can open their eyes and see you..!!!

  13. Useless disgusting POS……

    Hope he is arrested & locked up forever with animal lovers who can give him “special attention”…….

    Hope the rest of his useless life is filled with pain and suffering. Execution would improve our planet since this POS is a waste of resources……

    RIP angel Lily. The monster who did this to you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…….

  14. Discusting peice of trash doing this to a poor dog. He needs jail time a lot of it. And a hefty fine which should be divited between all the rescue shters. He is no good to society.

  15. NOW what NEEDS to SERIOUSLY happen is FOR the Prosecutor and the Judge assigned to this case IS FOR THEM to TAKE THIS MAN”S crime SERIOUSLY and not give him 2 days in jail !!!!! If the judicial system refuses to do their DUTY this CRAP will only continue!!!

  16. Poor sweet innocent angels these evil people with no humanity left hurt those God loves best because they have the devil in them!!! Vengeance is God’s and little one sleep with the angels in Paradise! God’s love takes all the hurt away only joy remains ????????❤️????

  17. He should stay in the jail at least ten years!!It’s horrible …poor little pet…oh my god…I don’t understand for what get this innocent animals…

  18. I had Yorkie ….I couldn’t do anything to safe her …..I’m still crying ever since I really miss her so much and yes I want another puppie Yorkie girl …please let know if anyone is giving or selling one pure yorshire terrier……and the guy who did this to indefensible lil animal, they should do the same thing to him beating and leave him there to died with no rescue no mercy……MF! !!

  19. I”m sorry, but this HUMAN needs taken out and beaten half to death and then shot on the spot. What could a 7 pound dog POSSIBLY have done to merit such treatment?? One sick SUB-HUMAN breathing clean air.

  20. All you have to do is look at this thing! He looks like what he is an inbred uneducated piece of shit! He needs to have done to him what he did to this poor little girl! Lily rest easy now angel. There is no more pain and you are whole again running and playing there is always plenty of food and water! Rest now Lily!

  21. His court case is coming up on May 19th in Dade County. He has a criminal record already but has been let off easy. Let’s ask for justice for Lilly and contact his upcoming judge and prosecutor. Both can be found online when searching for his criminal case. Let’s make his felony stick for max sentence. Please pass on, keep this in the spot light.

  22. Heartbreaking, Sad, and Horrific! Poor little innocent Lily suffered agonizing pain, horrific torture, despicable abuse, fear, and profound betrayal from that disgusting sub-human. My heart bleeds and I’m crying for the excruciating pain and terror that little innocent Lily suffered from that devil monster BULLY! Just the thought of little Lily’s extreme and prolonged pain and suffering brings me to tears! That evil monster is extremely DANGEROUS and must be removed from the streets; no one is safe from that deranged scumbag! Throw that devil scumbag in prison and throw away the key! That evil monster bully MUST be severely punished! Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, little Angel Lily, you are now safe in the tender loving care of Jesus. Angel Lily, I am praying for your deserved justice and that evil monster is procecuted to the MAXIMUM extent! RIP, Precious Baby, you are loved and you will not be forgotten. ????????????????????

    • I was just talking about this case this morning! He goes to court on the 19th of this month and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT THE JUDGE DOES IN THIS CASE!!!! He has the ability to impose a 5 year sentence and MAYBE because this story was all over the news in Florida he MIGHT do the right thing and give him what he deserves….5 years!!! But I doubt it!!! NO LIVING THING HAS THE ABILITY TO CONTROL THROWING UP!!!! This big asshole seems to think that this tiny little dog PURPOSELY puked to be bad,SOOOOO INFURIATING!!! He has other pets at his home and children and I’m sure he will be ordered to not have any contact with animals for a period of time so then what,abandon the other at a kill shelter? I have been praying ever since this happened that the judge will make an example of him especially since this was all over the news in the entire state of Florida,but I won’t hold my breath!!! I’m completely horrified by this case!!!!

  23. I am going to the trial on this friday……let them know there are folks who care about these animals and don’t take lightly to the cowards among us beating them to death for no reason…….we are way stronger than these nasty folks…..we just need to stand up and let them know how we feel…….tell the judge….tell the prosecutor……let them know we care about these animals….change things one by one…….

    • Jeff that is amazing! I’m traumatized over this case,can’t get this horrific case out of my mind!! As soon as was aware of his court date I marked it on my calendar! My Dad has a home in Ft Lauderdale and if I was down there now I too would attend this court hearing!!! OH how I pray that this judge will give him the 5 years that he has the power to do!!! This case was on the news all over the entire state so I’m hoping that MANY MANY people will be watching and waiting to see what this judge will do!!! Can u imagine losing ur life for throwing up,something that no living person or animal can control??? There are children and other animals in this killers home,and I’m pretty sure he will be banned from being around animals for a period of time so I’m VERY concerned what they will do with these other animals if the judge doesn’t throw his big fat ass in jail! They will probably dump them in the Miami Dade high kill shelter!! PLEASE GOD LET THIS JUDGE PUT THIS BRUTAL CRUEL VICIOUS ANIMAL KILLER IN JAIL FOR 5 YEARS!!! This poor dog was so very tiny and never stood a chance!! Ok I’m crying again

  24. Can we get an update on this?? He went to court yesterday and I want to know if the judge dispensed some TRUE justice via of a long jail term!!! I’m still haunted by this poor little dogs story!!!!!


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