Man seen in video charged with beating a Yorkie in Miami parking garage

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In Miami Beach, Florida, police have arrested and charged a 40-year-old man for allegedly beating a Yorkie and leaving the severely injured dog in a Publix supermarket parking garage near a trash receptacle. According to NbcNewsMiami, Sigman Hernandez, has been identified as the man captured on surveillance cameras near where the dog was found dying.

According to Hernandez, who turned himself in after detectives called him and asked him to come to the police station to answer questions, he told authorities he found the dog in an alley near the Publix and decided to take it into the garage so it wouldn’t get run over.

“I didn’t hurt the dog. It wasn’t even my dog,” Hernandez told news reporters.

The Yorkshire terrier, dubbed Lily by her rescuers, was found by an employee in the garage located at West Avenue on April 7. The six-pound dog was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital in critical condition by responding police officers. Upon examination, veterinarians determined that Lily had seven broken ribs on her left side and two broken ribs on her right side. Her neck was also swollen, and her eyes were bloodshot indicating she may have also been strangled. Despite doctors doing their best, Lily died two days later.

The surveillance video captured a man in a red Toyota Yaris in the garage the day Lily was found. The man can be seen removing something from his car. At one point he is seen moving up and down – in the spot where Lily’s dying body was found. At that time, he may have stomped on Lily police stated.

“It is strongly suspected that the subject may have been stomping on ‘Lily’s’ body since he lingered in the spot where she was eventually found but it’s unclear in the video at this time,” detectives claim.

(Photos of man arrested for beating a Yorkie via police video)

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27 replies
    • joe McClain says:

      I can’t imagine the horror this poor yorkie suffered at the hands of a worthless . dirty. POS. Individual. I would love to spend 5 minutes with the POS and see how well he comes out of it if he was on the receiving end of a beating like that.

  1. Pamela D'Angio says:

    Hernandez if you are reading this I would beat the living shit out of you plus everything you have done to this poor dog. This POS couldn’t take on his own size this fat MotherFu@%er. He is nothing but a useless scumbag that needs to be tortured and left to die. I hope he gets cancer and fucking rot.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a liar, if he found this little dog like this, why didn’t he just call animal control. He did the deed! I hope this POS rots in jail!

    • Roselyne CORNETTE says:

      Ils devraient être utilisés pour la recherche à la place des animaux. Ils ne coûteraient rien à la société. Tout les barbares devraient être utilisés pour ça.

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    My Dad called and told me this monster turned himself in late yersteeday afternoon. Now let’s hope and pray this big vicious,pure evil monster gets the MAXIUM sentence! But I won’t hold my breathe! Guess he feels big,bad and macho brutalizing a tiny little dog that has no ability to defend itself! Once again I’m outraged and throughly sickened by this unnecessary cruel and dieliberate killing of a harmless little dog!! RIP SWEET LILY

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Sigman Hernandez – What a BIG man – you beat up a tiny dog – you are nothing more than a coward, spineless hunk of sh-t who needs to be hogtied and dumped in the everglades – the ONLY thing you are good for is gator lunch.

  5. Jilliann Stevenson says:

    This ugly horror show of a guy thinks he is a big bad a=s beating up on a tiny puppy,NEWS FLASH HERNANDEZ YOU’RE A PUNK!!!!Try that with someone who can fight your nasty azz back instead of a defenseless five pound puppy!!!!I know you’re type too!You’re jealous of the dog because your wife was paying more attention to the dog and I don’t blame her,look at you,UGHHHHH!!!Guess what?Animal cruelty is a FELONY NOW IN THE USA SO YOU WILL BE GOING BYE BYE!!!!!GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!

  6. Jilliann Stevenson says:

    Hernandez you did it and you are a PUNK!!!!Try doing that with someone who can fight back instead of a five pound defenseless dog!!!!And let’s hope you don’t have any kids what are you going to do to them when the make a mess in your car,which they will????And your face is a horror show!!!!!And animal cruelty is a felony in the United States so guess what Hernandez?You’re going bye bye!!!!!

  7. Tracey Lee says:

    You evil cruel bastard. How could you do such terrible things to a tiny little harmless dog. Your a disgrace ……

  8. teresa iglesias says:

    U are sorry mothers fucker yorkie are adorable bitch if you didn’t want here u shouldn’t had got her I hope they lock your as up throw the key bitch

  9. Jackie says:

    We need to know …..If the fucker try to poison her……. there is a reason why she threw up…….the more we find out of him the more time he gets….. he could very well be a illegal immigrant!

  10. Maria riva says:

    I pray dat god changes his heart bcuz god 4 bid he comes out n does it 2 another animal but lyk. Da bible says u reap wut u sow n trust me wen he goes 2 jail he is gonna get beat down n possibly rape n u know. Wut he deserve all da bad things dat is coming 2 him he pick on dat poor defenseless dog cuz he knew he cudmt fight back let him try it on someone twice his size i bet hr won’t cuz he knows he get a beat down but no worries his beat down is on its way i guarantee it i can’t believe we have people living on earth with such evil in their hearts wow i hate it it breaks my heart i do not like any form of abuse towards any living thing god created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cynthia Como says:

      Maria,that’s IF he gets jail time!!! It’s rare that these horrific abusers get ANY jail time and they know it! That is EXACTLY why this crime is so,so rampant! They are systematically fined so the courts can make their money and the brutal abuser walks!


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