Laurens County man arrested after dead dog found chained to tree

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In Laurens County, South Carolina, a local man was arrested on Tuesday after animal control officers found a dead dog chained alongside of a tree and another dog severely malnourished on the other side of the man’s property.

According to Fox News, William Jamaal Young, 30, has been charged with animal cruelty and malicious injury to animals. Tragically, according to the incident report, the last time the dogs were fed had been on September 16. Deputies found an empty bowl near the dogs. Authorities had been called to Young’s property on Lisbon Road after the dead dog was discovered chained to a tree.

A video, posted on the Facebook page of the Laurens County Animal Control showed the disturbing footage of the dead dog and the frightened surviving pup  discovered on Tuesday.

“Everyday we deal with something like this,” the deputies stated in the video.

Laurens County Animal Control Supervisor Giles Gilmer said the owner just left the dog. Fortunately the surviving dog, who wagged her tail when she realized she was being rescued, is now being treated for starvation and hookworms. She is expected to survive.

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(Photos via the Laurens County Detention Center and Laurens County Animal Control.)

“Today I posted what our officers see almost everyday. Most of the time these animals are abandon and we cant find the owners.
Today when I pulled up and seen this dog laying their chained up and wrapped around a stomp dead I felt the need to share this.
This isn’t an isolated incident . We got lucky today and made someone accountable for their actions.
The same old excuse of we were feeding this animal doesn’t cut it.
A dog doesn’t get in this shape overnight . This is pure neglect.

I’m so grateful that the Deputy who responded and took the time and follow up and made the decision to arrest him.

This is the example our community needed to see of 2 agencies working together to seek a common ground,” wrote Officer Gilmer on the organization’s Facebook page just prior to posting the following video:

Video: (Graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences)


13 replies
  1. Mark says:

    The guy should not be fed or given water for the same amount of time but also double once for each dog. If he complains ask if he would like to end up dead like the one dog. The justice system would see a change if we went back to the old ways

  2. Helen says:

    Unfortunately, this happens all the time and the abusers are never punished commensurate with their crime. It’s so sad how many animals suffer in the hands of humans who are morally bankrupted, This human trash needs a dose of street justice!

  3. Theresa says:

    Let’s put a chain around his fucking neck and tie him to a tree no water or food in he’ll die of a slow painful death that he would deserve

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    This “MAN”? he say he just taken his frustration over how bad this society has treat him, that he just take it out on those “ole ” good for nothing dogs!!! Why not he can get by with it!!!

  5. Debbie says:

    Something has to change in that county…..once the dead dog & the starving dog were found, nothing done for days, totally unacceptable….I would almost rather that precious pup chocked himself with that chain around the tree than to think he starved to death…..I can’t stand people that do this.

  6. susispot says:

    They “deal” with something like this EVERY DAY? Then fix the laws. Dole out some serious punishment, for pity sake! Give the abusers something to worry about if they harm the innocent pets in their care. COME ON, LET’S TRY IT!

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Jamaal Young is no man, he is a punk and should be treated like the maggot puke he has proved himself to be. I am pretty sure that he will get minimal to no real punishment for his cruelty – just tie his useless ass to a tree and forget about him – just like he did to these innocent helpless dogs.


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