India captors beat young elephant with canes breaking its hind leg

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In a disturbing and shocking event in India, a video has garnered viral status as a young elephant is shown being savagely beaten by its India captors to be used in the tourism trade.

According to the Daily Mail, regular beatings are common in India by elephant keepers to remind the animals to be subservient and frightened so that the animals will obey in tourist activities of riding, painting, football, tightrope walking and other close contact activities. The torture, known in India as “ketti azhikkal” is used as elephants come out of their mush period – mating season and the increase in testosterone in the animals, to “remind them who is in charge.”

In the shocking footage, the young elephant’s front leg is tied to a tree; three men continually beat the animal with canes until the elephant collapses to the ground. Even then, the torturers don’t stop lashing the animal; that is until their weapons snap in half.

In a response to the cruelty and online outrage after the release of the video, the animal charity organization, Save the Asian Elephants (STAE) issued the following statements:

“The elephant was beaten so badly it’s leg was broken, as were all the sticks used in the beating. The whole of humanity is shamed by this depravity to an innocent creature and a highly endangered species. It does all it can to obey yet the beatings continue.”

The CEO of STAE, Duncan McNair, encourages all visitors to shun the entertainment elephant attractions while traveling.

“In view of the enormous levels of outrage recorded recently by STAEs followers and the media everywhere about the video showing torture of the elephant in India for commercial purposes – we are repeating it below. Over 430,000 views to date. Please exercise discretion in watching it as some viewers may find it distressing. STAE is calling for urgent action!,” has been posted on Facebook.

There has not been any update on the condition of the elephant shown having been brutally beaten.

To take action and help the plight of the elephants:

Please pass this on everywhere, to all of influence including MPs, the Prime Minister, Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove and the Indian High Commissioner to the UK:

Sign STAEs online petition & share it with your friends:…

Follow us on social media and comment on STAE’s Facebook and Twitter

Please also support and quote STAE’s pioneering work for the elephants and ask everyone to raise awareness. The elephants need us in their desperate plight. Thank you.

(Photos of  India captors beating young elephant via Facebook)

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Graphic and very disturbing video. Use discretion when viewing.



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Who’s surprised with this revelation?

12 replies
  1. Helen says:

    Tie these low life captors to a tree and break their legs with the same sticks they used to beat the poor elephant. Using these wonderful creatures for commercial purposes should banned! I hope the injured elephant receives medical attention and not killed.

  2. Marsha Squibb says:

    These fucken filthy bastards need to have the same done to them… Hope they all drown in the filthy Ganges River as they bathe….Dirty dirty cannibals!!!!!

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      O I agree whole heartedly! This country is becoming as despicable as China in animal abuse. Their filthy overcrowded vile country is overpopulated with human trash – I hope the rage social media has inspired makes these bastards get the exact same treatment they gave to an innocent animal – The Ganges river is a polluted hell hole and I too, hope they are all infested with a long, painful, lethal disease. This elephant deserves much better, these human maggots don’t.

  3. Red says:

    I will NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS understand how ANYONE can torture, abuse or murder an animal. I feel sure in that no HUMAN can do this. Those who do participate in torturing and abusing and murdering animals are MONSTERS with no heart, no soul, no humanity at all.

  4. Theresa says:

    I like to take those sticks shove them up their asses till it comes out their mouth all animal abusers should be killed. …,,,,

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    I would never ever watch the video the story alone has me crying! I thought in India elephants were revered and considered sacred! Maybe I have my animals mixed up??? The pain and misery I would like to inflict upon these evil sub human POS abusers is intense and massive! Is there not any sort of law enforement or court system and prisons in this country? The thought that this horrific cruelty going unchecked makes me want to heave! Once again I can only pray and pray hard that either here on earth or in death these depraved,heartless,brutal monsters will pay a horrible price for this….I’m sure this is not the first time they have done this sort of thing nor the last….think I’m going to cry again! OMG I’m mortified by this vicious cruelty

  6. Bill Bradley says:

    I have been to India and seen the beggars bodies all over the cities picked up in wheel barrows. They are a selfish race and many and I mean many hired by Microsoft, Expedia, amazon, etc. here in Seattle and bring extended families. Trump is putting a end to that. They wear sandals in rain and snow out here.They are not polite nor
    outgoing culture. I hate them all for what they did to that elephant.

    Bill Bradley


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