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Toledo Zoo’s youngest elephant Lucas has died

In Toledo, Ohio, the zoo’s youngest elephant – nine-year-old Lucas has died. President and CEO Jeff Sailer posted a video on the Toledo Zoo’s Facebook on Wednesday afternoon explaining the death of the much loved … Read More

Gym owner shows off and sparks widespread rage filmed doing pull-ups on elephant’s tusks

A gym owner who decided to show off by doing pull-ups on an elephant’s tusks has sparked widespread rage after she was filmed on Sunday at a park in South Africa.

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Two trophy hunters killed research elephant and destroyed science collar

In Gaberone, Botswana, the government has revoked the hunting licenses of two trophy hunters who shot and killed a research elephant and destroyed its science collar in order to hid the evidence.

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One elephant died and four others injured in circus truck crash

In a heart wrenching accident in Madrid, Spain on Monday, one circus elephant died and four more hurt are being treated for their injuries. The truck overturned on a highway linking Albacete with Murcia in … Read More

Chinese rescuers save one-month-old baby elephant from ditch

On Sunday morning, Chinese rescue workers in southwest Yunnan Province saved a one-month-old baby elephant that had fallen into a ditch. According to the China Daily, the department of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture’s press … Read More

India captors beat young elephant with canes breaking its hind leg

In a disturbing and shocking event in India, a video has garnered viral status as a young elephant is shown being savagely beaten by its India captors to be used in the tourism trade.

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Mysterious death of African elephant puzzles Zoo Miami staff

The mysterious death of an African elephant on Tuesday, at Zoo Miami continues to puzzle the entire staff. Since July 12, when zookeepers found 44-year-old Lisa lying on her side in the Elephant Barn, the … Read More

Trapped baby elephant discovered with his trunk sticking out of deep mud

It had been Election Day in Kenya on Tuesday, and while on an evening drive, visitors to the national park of Tsavo East caught sight of a tiny elephant calf completely engulfed and bogged down … Read More

American trophy hunter ‘cries’ after shooting elephant for his ivory tusk

A professional hunter and his wealthy American client spent days in northern Namibia (neighboring  ‎Zambia and Zimbabwe) tracking down game prey including buffalo, zebra and leopard. The client’s biggest priority was to kill an elephant, … Read More