Ohio man arraigned in court for setting cat on fire in horrendous scene

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In Middletown, Ohio, a man who lived just a few houses away from a neighborhood cat, is alleged to have set the animal on fire as the defenseless animal ran down the street fully engulfed in flames. Kevin Sullivan, 32, was arraigned on Friday at the Middletown Municipal Court and charged with felony animal cruelty for the September 18 incident.

According to WlwtNews, security cameras captured the disturbing scene as the burning cat ran down the street while residents could be seen with wet towels and bowls of water chasing the animal to try and help.

“The fire was about a foot high off of the cat,” recounted an eyewitness. “I just started crying. I was screaming. I was saying, ‘who would do this to an animal?'”

By the time neighbors were able to capture the cat, it was too late. A police report states an officer shot the cat at the scene to put her out of her misery. When Sullivan was initially interviewed, he told police the cat had run through lighter fluid. After authorities examined the cat and  the blanket used to smother the flames, experts stated there were no burn marks on the pads of the cat’s feet indicating she had not run through lighter fluid.

“This is absolutely disturbing, and­­­­ this guy definitely needs to be off the streets. I have a room for him here in my jail, where he needs to be. I don’t understand people who harm or torture a defenseless animal, it is a very cowardly thing to do,”Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said in a  previous press release.

Standard bond for a fifth-degree felony is $5,000, however Judge Melynda Cook Howard set the bond for Sullivan at $50,000.

(Photo of Ohio man alleged to have set cat on fire via Butler County Sheriff’s Office arraigned in court.)

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Who’s surprised with this revelation?

16 replies
    • Bunny Peters says:

      And lose those keys!!!

      If that poor treasure had been my cat, I would be in jail (& this POS asswipe in the morgue)….

      RIP precious furbaby. Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and he will introduce you to his wonderful group of snuggle buddies…..

  1. Debbie says:

    Please lock this lunatic up and keep him there….who could hurt am innocent kitty that never hurt anyone….karma will get him, if animal advocates don’t get him first.

  2. Vicki Hood says:

    Put that sewer scum away for good. RIP kitty. Let Bubba take care of him after you cause him some real pain like take him away from any love he might have had, his family, his freedom even his private toilet.

  3. Animal Advocate says:

    Glad the Judge raised the bond. Wish he could receive the death penalty in the same way!! Future serial killer ; they start with animal
    abuse, and arson ! Look st the statistics from police profiles!

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Maybe judges are finally getting smart, either that or they’re afraid for their jobs when people elect someone else. Glad this judge set the bond higher. RIP kitty, you didn’t do anything wrong, this POS did and you paid for it with your life.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Glad that the judge took this seriously. Horrible the cat had to suffer and it might have been helped if people were fast enough to catch him to stop the fire,but that is hindsight. This scum needs to be off the streets and in jail with fellow non human things like him.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Please – don’t bother prosecuting this hunk of maggot shit – just throw some gasoline on his miserable useless self and let him run down the street – then stand over him while he burns up and pretend to care that he is in pain and dying – I sure don’t. Thank you to Judge Howard for raising this POS’s bond and I truly hope he is made a victim by every inmate in his cellblock – he deserves the very worst every day.

  7. Janie L. says:

    I would be happy to set this worthless piece of walking excrement on fire, watch it burn and toast a few marshmallows. I wouldn’t do this human garbage the kindness of putting a bullet in its head. I would just continue toasting marshmallows. I have no love or forgiveness for anyone who would do this to an animal. I never will.


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