Hung by his neck and left to die cat breaks his own leg to escape

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In what veterinarians have labeled a deliberate and horrible act of animal cruelty to a young, friendly cat in Bundaberg, Australia, the rescuer involved stated she was brought to tears just trying to understand how anyone could do such a heinous act. The cat had been hung by his neck and left to die; somehow he was able to free himself, but not before breaking his leg.

According to the rescue organization, Best Friends Feline, owner Nikki Chapple stated the 18-month-old cat’s story began when he was a stray – just living on the streets barely able to scrounge for food while he tried desperately to survive. And as bad as that life was, it soon became even worse:

“One day someone gets hold of you and you’re unsure what’s going on as you don’t overly fear humans usually you adore pats and are friendly with them, but this human was not so friendly. He used some rope or string to hang you by your neck and left you to die. You struggle gasping for air, frightened at what was happening to you, scared and betrayed. Your survival depended on you getting free, so you give it all you have and break your leg so severely it now drags around under your body as you get about but you were free. Injured, alone and in pain, someone discovers you and takes you to the local pound where they figure out your back story and put a call out for someone to help you.”

Chapple had been notified by Red Collar Rescue after the cat’s story that he had been hung by his neck and left to die had been posted on social media. Although the rescuer knew the cat’s recovery would be expensive, her plight just broke Chapple’s heart. On Wednesday night, when she finally met the cat she named Odyssey (after the ordeal he had been through), Chapple cried.

“The skin was gone from around his neck. It looked like your typical collar injury, but thinner so it must have been a tiny piece of rope,” she wrote on social media. “He had worn away the hair around his paws; it was bloody and underneath his leg was an ulcerated sore. Someone had deliberately done this or another suggestion was a dog fighting ring used him as bait.”

Poor Odyssey had been dragging his front left leg behind him, and sadly his leg could not be saved. Odyssey successfully survived the amputation and is already reported to be doing quite well as a tripod. Nikki updated the cat’s followers on Facebook – now presenting the story of a rescued kitty; hopefully with a new life ahead of him:

“I brought him home yesterday afternoon, and all he wanted to do was smooch me endlessly while purring non stop . He is on heavy pain meds so likes laying down with his head in your palm while you hold his paw with your other hand.”

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Odyssey is available for adoption. Donations to help cover his veterinarian expenses are appreciated in order for more cats in bad situations can also be rescued. Donations can also be sent to:

Commonwealth Bank
Account Name: Best Friends Felines
BSB : 064171
ACC: 1045 6758

ABN: 55 433 833 458

Photos of Odyssey hung by his neck and left to die courtesy of Best Friends Feline.

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16 replies
  1. Meghan says:

    Truly sad. How sick are people, all the stories… it’s everyday and multiple stories of Animals being harmed, beaten, tortured… I will never understand.
    Prayers to his recovery.

  2. Donna Burns says:

    I have been an advocate my entire life and a retired firefighter but I have yet to tell myself oh that’s the worse I’ve ever seen because some sick twisted pos always trumps the last animals have always deserved so much more than mankind has ever been willing to give them and for every one we save five more die a horrible agonizing death but never give upb

  3. Janie Ledergerber says:

    Poor little fur kid! I would
    Iike to get my hands on whoever did that and hang them by their neck to die. Anyone who would do such a thing doesn’t deserve to live. As I sit here with my own 18 month old little black cat in my arms, I am praying that Karma demands payment from that piece of human fecal matter very soon and that the price for torturing a little cat is very high.

  4. Cathy Rolley says:

    This is so sad and sick.Whoever did this horrible evil thing you are nothing but a worthless coward and I hope that you die a horrible painful death.If I could have my way I would hang you from a rope in a enclosure with a hungry tiger and let you feel the pain that this poor defenceless kitty felt.THANK YOU TO THE PEOPLE WHO SAVED THIS POOR KITTY.If I were rich I would build a sanctuary for all the homeless animals and I would hire guards to keep evil people from entering the. sanctuary.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    The hunk of sewer slime that did this to Odyssey is a prime candidate for the wood chipper – where ALL animal abusers should be in line for –

  6. Heather Fae McLean says:

    He looks to me to be a cat that was free roaming wearing a collar and got hooked up….the injury and state he was found in is unfortunately common in free roaming collared cats….sometimes they also get a foot caught in their collar and are injured in this way….whatever is the truth I hope he continues to recover


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