Hospice foster home needed for sweet shepherd who was abandoned

Hospice foster home needed
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Meet Ben, a sweet, nine-year-old German shepherd who was abandoned in the twilight of his life at a busy, “high-kill” animal control agency in southern California. Ben suffers from a horrible condition known as canine discoid lupus. Ben’s auto-immune disease was left untreated for upwards of a year – in that period of time, Ben lost most of his vision and he is also deaf.

Fortunately, despite Ben’s many hardships, he is safe – thanks to the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, Ben was saved from an unthinkable demise at the animal control facility where he had been left. Ben is arthritic and has lost his hearing and vision, but he has maintained his sweet and gentle disposition.

The rescue agency which saved Ben’s life is hoping to find a hospice foster home where Ben can enjoy the remainder of his life. Maria Dales, with GSROC stated, “We are desperately seeking a hospice home for Gentle Ben where he can live out the rest of his life–no matter how long that may be. GSROC will provide all medications and veterinary care and special diet. We are looking for an animal lover with a heart of gold who will welcome this sweet fellow and provide him with love, stability and comfort. Ben needs a home with no stairs and no pool, but he is open to any other offers.”

Can you help this gentle soul? Read more about Gentle Ben and how you can help at this link to the rescue group’s website.

(Images via GSROC)

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  1. Ben i hope you find your foster home quickly, you are a good good boy in my heart i know you will have happiness from here on in!! Only the best for you Ben. ….
    (Don’t ruin Ben’s day by telling him my heart is breaking)

  2. I would love to but live all the way in Nebraska! We just lost our 9 yr old GS 2 weeks ago and has been hard. We rescued her from the local pound when she was 3.

  3. Oh that is so sad! My 13 yr old GSD named Partner just passed away 2 months ago. My heart is broken:( it was just him and I all those years. Really wish I didn’t leave in Wisconsin as I know you couldn’t get him to me:(

  4. Thank you German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. I hope and pray you find a foster home for this boy. Gentle Ben deserves to be loved for the remainder of his life. How I hate to see this, I would help but I am on the other side of the country.

  5. Does he has to be adupted in CA or AZ for the treatment purposes or is it the problem of delivering him to the far states? If it is just the distance and the treatment could continue in a different state it might be possible to arrange “delivery” using multiple volontiers. Somebody can drive him through one state, next person through another etc. I think quite a few people would step in to help.

  6. How I wish I was in the position to take in this well dearer I guess dog! I have only known one dog with Lupus and until I met that dog I didn’t know that dogs got Lupus! So sad that he was left untreated! Vet care is costly and if u cannot provide the medical care for a pet …….DONT OWN ONE!!!!!!

  7. Ben has suffered enough at the hands of uncaring humans – PLEASE someone step up and give Ben a safe loving home for the time he has left – you will never regret saving Ben.


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