Owner dumps her 20-year-old spaniel who spent his entire life with her at shelter

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Is it any wonder Sonoma is terrified and confused as he waits in a caged kennel at the Carson Animal Care Center? On April 18, Sonoma, a 20-year-old spaniel, obediently walked into the shelter with the one person he trusted his entire life; he had no idea this would be the last time he would ever be with her. It was to be the supreme betrayal of loyalty. A volunteer standing at the counter overheard the following heartbreaking conversation moments before Sonoma was led away:

“SANOMA spent his entire life with the woman that just left him at the shelter. She felt he was too old and she would come home to find him swimming in the pool because he is DEAF and BLIND! He is completely confused about what is happening to him; it must be so scary. He needs help now! Please share for his life, he’s such an angel.”

Click here for Sanoma’s Pet Harbor listing. “My name is Sanoma and I am described as a neutered male, tan and white Cocker Spaniel. The shelter thinks I am about 20 years old. I have been at the shelter since Apr 18, 2017.” For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. Ask for information about animal ID number A5051334. A Facebook page to follow this dog’s plight can be found here or here.

Share this spaniel’s story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. We are his only hope. Sharing saves lives. Whether Sanoma has one more day, one more week or another year to live, doesn’t he deserve better than this?

Photo and video of 20-year-old spaniel courtesy of Saving Carson Dogs.

For more information how to foster or adopt, contact:

Carson Shelter, Gardena, California
216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California

Follow the National Pet Rescue here.

Check out his video:


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  1. Here’s a solution – keep him INSIDE the house when you’re gone and then he wouldn’t end up in the pool. What a stupid POS owner. This poor baby is scared out of his mind. My God, I would LOVE to have a dog for 20 years.

    • IKR. I don’t get her reasoning. A dog should be kept in the house when nobody is home. Unless the owner doesn’t any longer want to be responsible in paying the vet bills. After 20 years it amazes me how she can easily detach herself from Sanoma.

    • I would give my life to have my dog live 20 yrs…What a heartless Fucking insensitive Asshole she is…Fuck u and your pool…your face should be plastered all over the internet & tv..Preventing u from Ever..ever..ever owning another animal…My heart goes out to that poor baby…Karma u FUCKING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • So true I wish my Morkie would have lived 20 plus years instead of 13 especially losing him a year after my mother died.
        What a piece of shit to dump a dog like that please put her name on a list so she can never adopt or have another pet again

      • whoa! 20 years is a long, long time! On the other hand firm believer in the life of a dog should be spent in one place, with the owner. Many owners fear the dog’s death or fear of euthanasia because of severe illness and the owners have a fear of that happening..Easier for some to take them to a rescue instead of facing taking them in for euthanasia. Firm believer in old dogs for older people, who could use the company of the animal, and understand what getting old is about. Perhaps for some dogs, like the one that was given up perhaps older rescue volunteers could keep the dog.for the rest of his life, that would certainly be a needed service. Too harsh on humans and their motives for perhaps owners not making very wise decisions at the end of a 20 year history with one dog. Enough of the misanthropic feelings in this blog. Compassion for animals and humans.

    • Please make a better video I feel noone will want him as he just stands in the corner I agree with Darla keep him in people like the owner make me sick my sister does that too I’ve taken 2 of her poor babies I always tell her it a good thing she liked her kids or id have them too

      • Don’t feel like no one wants him because I DO. I can’t get him and I’m a decrepit old lady in Texas, but I absolutely want him! Just as he is!

    • Yes! Why can’t Therese people be dealt with rather than dumping their animals question mark I suspect it’s because they are full of crap and don’t want to be bothered caring for an animal whose no longer a cute Lively puppy shame on her she should never have a dog again

  2. You BITCH!!!!!!! If you are that ‘concerned’, put her to sleep, but DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! You are a heartless SOS, and I hope karma catches up to you soon! You’ve undoubtedly handed her a death sentence without the comfort of having you there, and she NEEDS YOU WITH HER!!


    • Putting her to sleep out of convenience? You’re even worse than the lady who left this poor dog. She’s an asshole, too, but at least someone else can pick up the dog… At least there’s a chance. Can’t say that about your idea of murdering him. You’re both cruel! Sorry.

      • Exactly! As I read this story my thought was… does anyone have the heart to think that just maybe, whether the dog was left inside or out, that she couldn’t bear to come home one day and find him dead in some horrific way because he couldn’t see or hear?? Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe, just maybe she also couldn’t bear to put him to sleep so decided she would take him to a shelter where she hoped and thought he might be safe if people could be around him all the time?? Im with you… people need to quit judging until they know for a fact her actions were selfish and heartless… when to her way of thinking she may have been being totally selfless!

      • Dear reality bites,
        No, no, no,
        a dog that gets blind from age knows its souroundings and dying quitly at home would be a kindness the dog deserves. but your wasting your pity on a bad person. with the “i just couldnt care less” chip firmly in place. Some animal owners do get a special grace and they know who they are and often we know who they are and can streach our perspective.
        but not this lady. you are wasting your time with this lady. She is not an example of hoplessness and desperation. she just got sick of hateing herself evertime she looked at him.
        dogs and people live long and happy lives def and blind as long as its Indoors.
        Its a great peice of glorious justice that raggs gets to relive in a fun, cozy, crazy “smelling ” new hang out party cave with the others.
        Happy loves springs eternal, all you wonderful sappy dog lovers you!

      • Yes THAT makes perfect sense. You can’t bear to see your dog “maybe” be found floating dead in your pool (heaven forbid you keep him in the house) so dump him at the nearest “kill” shelter where owner surrenders (especially 20 year old ones) are the first to be euthanized! If it weren’t for the volunteers taking an interest in this dog, he would have been killed in short order. How is this “selfless”? Sounds pretty self serving to me. She just didn’t want to be bothered with her elderly dog anymore! Maybe you should save your sympathy for someone who truly deserves it, I can’t see where this woman does!

      • Reality Bites don’t you think when acquiring a pet it’s a lifetime commitment. You see to it that you love, care and remain LOYAL to that pet till the end….not just dump it because it has become deaf and blind and spare yourself the heartache of seeing it through it’s death. I’d say it was a SELFISH act on the owners part.

      • sayz the 2- sicilian girls …
        as they mind tangle their way to halt! the deamon of crazy thoughts.and making him flea.

    • Put her to sleep???
      Would you put your grandmother to sleep???
      How about loving her for the rest of her life???
      The thought of you even suggesting she be put to sleep is pathetic.

      • Debbie and Becky,
        You made my heart leap.
        and my eyes alittle teary,
        The truth always does that to me…

  3. Wow!!! How cold!!! Whoever did this to this poor old soul apparently lacks any kind of feel or compassion. What an embarrassment to the human race. I hope Sanoma finds the loving he deserves to spend his remaining time here on earth.

  4. how about a run within the yard? how about a swimming pool cover when not in use? how about ANYTHING more humane than dumping your senior at the shelter (that’s full by the way)!!!!

    • Her excuses about the pool are just that…piss poor excuses!!! What can you expect from a piss poor example of a human being!!! She had sooo many other alternatives, and she chose the worse!!! I hope she rots her ass in some dump! 🙁 I cannot believe how heartless some people can be!!!

    • Oh come on ellen, you must have some redeeming quality for this woman who dumps her 20 year old blind, deaf dog at a “kill” shelter. What is it? I know you have some wisdom as to why this is ok! You always have a “positive” spin on these stories, what is is pray tell?

    • Pam, that would mean all shelters for stupid people would be at full capacity!! Lol This is a very telling indication of his owners true colors!!! I would take him in a heartbeat – age is just a number to me but unfortunately many seniors get passed over. I myself have adopted 2 seniors and they are so loving. I have absolutely no regrets.

  5. OMG! Heartbreaking and sickening! On and on it goes,this “owner” could in no way ever really loved this poor dog,because people who TRUELY love their pets DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!

  6. Well now THERE is an excuse for abandoning your 20 year old dog! How many more days does she think Sonoma has left? He is deaf and blind so she “might” come home and find him swimming in the pool? What kind of POS is she? How hard is it to contain a 20 year old dog? Hoping for the best for Sonoma, It is mind boggling sometimes the crap excuses people use to be rid of their faithful pets!

  7. Sweet Jesus how cruel can you be????? Dumping a 20 year old dog – Lady if I could get my hands on you it would not be a pretty picture. A blind deaf dog left because YOU are too lazy to care for an innocent animal that probably does not have much time left – I only hope YOUR end is a cruel and painful and comes real soon.

  8. I hope a kind individual makes room for this elderly dog, wish I could do more, so sad the things some people do, I love and adore dogs, most beautiful creature ever, wishing he can spend the rest of his days deeply loved, <3

    • Was he rescued by Frosted Faces then for sure? I didnt see that anywhere here but I am so hopeful it is true as this baby does not deserve to die in a coldhearted shelter environment after 20 years of loyalty and unconditional love after his POS owner dumped him with a bogus BS excuse!!! I hope that this former owner dies alone and miserable in a horrible nursing home! Karma bitca!!

  9. Vous, (maîtresse indigne de l’amour qu’il vous a donné pendant 20 ans), j’espère que vous crèverez seule, ignorée de tou le monde et que vous ne possèderez plus jamais un animal, vous ne méritez pas leur confiance.

    • Piece of fuckingshit that lady doing this to a poor 20 year old dog her day will come I take him home myself burin inaustralia please someone working at that shelter take him home and love him for the little time he has lady poor baby

  10. There needs a register of owners that don’t now dogs are for life not till you don’t fancy it any more this was a excuse she just did not won’t the dog now it’s old she should never be allowed any animal ever again please get a loving home for this dog someone with a hart will take this scared fur baby ????????

  11. I hope someone does the same thing to you when you get old. Leave you in a terrible nursing home because you deserve it.

  12. I hope when the owner in no longer useful to her children they dump her in a kill shelter, you know KARMA!!!

  13. Everyone is so quick to condemn. Perhaps this sweet dog was a beloved companion to an elderly person who could no longer take care of themselves let alone their only friend. Perhaps they put off giving up their friend for as long as they could. Only a guess. I am a social worker and have been told about similar situations after the fact.

    • Why do some people assume just because an elderly dog is dumped, it has to be because the owner is “elderly” No where does it say this owner is “elderly”. I am on the + side of 65, blaming people because they are “elderly” is ridiculous, there are plenty of seniors well up into their 80’s and 90’s who are capable of taking care of themselves and their pets.

  14. I fucking hate ignorant, heartless people like that ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? . Someone please don’t let this poor frightened sweetheart spend her last days in a kennel

  15. Humans that don’t understand what abandonment does to their companions no matter what age, they are broken, they are devastated, fear like they never felt before, they do not understand what they have done to be left alone to strangers in a cold, noisy, none familiar smells place. And if you don’t understand this than my opinion you should never ever have a companion until you do.

    And what makes it different at 20 or 1 years old!? Has Sanoma been handicapped all his life? Or since he has gotten older? Whichever this didn’t, happen overnight and you bring him in next day. Point being Sanoma hasn’t fallen in pool during this time so WTF BITCH! You probably went and got yourself another younger pup to do this to when he/she gets older.
    We need to let people know this behavior like this BITCH is unacceptable! And there needs to be some kind of bill passed or registry like many suggested in their comments and owners will be prosecuted period!

  16. You fucking heartless piece of shit to DUMP your FRIEND in his senior years when he needs you! You are appalling! You have no idea what you’ve done to this beautiful soul! You’ve broken him, you’ve abandoned him and you’ve left him scared, alone and confused! You VILE person!

  17. I’ve read all these negative comments and wonder if any of you stop to think before typing, maybe his owner has a terminal illness, maybe something in his owner’s life has changed so drastically she had to give up her pet?

    • If that was the case them she could have stayed with him and had him euthanized instead of dumping him in a shelter where he would surely be terrified confused feel abandoned and would be with total strangers when he died because he doesn’t have much chance in a full shelter. Besides…. she said she was tired of coming home finding him in the pool…. nothing about being terminally ill. She didn’t want to deal with him anymore because he was deaf blind and having problems. Shame on her.

    • Don’t you think if that was the case they would say that? There is no reason NOT to. Anyone with a sob story like that is going to tell their story so we judgmental people don’t call them what they are a POS!

    • No the bitch said that the dog is too old and
      And she felt when she came home the dog was gonna be dead in her pool , cause the bitch is too lazy to put a pool cover.

  18. This is just HORRIBLE!!!! That Bitch needs to be thrown in a cage and left there for the rest of her life. This is so sad.

  19. So sad to read this and not cry.stscould someone do this after so many years. He looks terrified, scared, and lost. I would love to take him, but don’t know how to get him in Al. I lost my fur baby of 22 yrs due to old age. I was with her when she took her last breath, then I still continued to give her a forever home by cremation memorial. I would never take her out of a home she only knew and put her in a strange place. I loved her and miss her everyday. Please somebody, come rescue this baby and give him the love he deserves. As for the previous owner, I hope you get some mental help, because your fur baby could die of depression missing your smell and touch being deaf and blind. If you are alone now, I hope it stays that way, because I know you’re not going to have friends by your actions on this matter.
    Prayers for Sonoma to be ok.

  20. Omg
    This is exactly why I adopt the oldest dogs they have in the shelter. I adopted a 14 yr old that wasn’t house broken and he isn’t super friendly. But until the day he dies I will love him, care for him and protect him . Every one wants a puppy but old dogs just want a safe place to sleep

  21. Just exactly WTF is wrong with people?!?! How could any sane normal human being even contemplate such a ludicrous idea! She has to be a psycho B word! Poor little pup! The good news is he may at least end up somewhere that will show him the endless love he deserves after showing 20 years of unconditional loyalty! Just makes my blood boil!!!

    • That is what I’m trying to find out if anyone has come forward to help this poor dog, but all I’m getting is every comment is basically the same to telling off about the owner & I get that already, but now can we talk about getting this poor dog help to get out.

  22. You don’t deserve to live you lowlife pos! Karma is going to not only bite your ass it’s going to rip it off! You suck for what you did to this poor dog! Sonoma deserves an owner with a heart & soul which you are definitely lacking both!

  23. You are a heartless piece of garbage! Dumping a sweet loving creature who’s blind and deaf! Really … Hope the same happens to you. No wonder I prefer animals to some so called ‘humans” …

    Please someone adopt sweet old Sanoma ????

  24. Is the owner concerned for the dog’s safety or she doesn’t want him to dirty up her pool? Or, as someone here wrote, is she just concerned that he may cost vet bills at his age? Any way you look at it, this is a disgrace.

  25. Anyone who has had a pet for 20 years has had ups and downs. If you both survived together for that long, there is NO reason to give up now. Doing so is cruelty at its worst. This poor dog has given its entire life to this person and now they dump him? Karma, I hope it hits this person like a ton of bricks. I pray that someone pulls him out of this shelter and gives him the love he deserves. Seniors have so much love to give!

  26. How do you detach from an animal you have had for 20 years? What a horrible thing to do to this poor old girl. Shame on this awful owner!!!

  27. Her name and possibly other identifying info should be public, and there should be a national registry so that this creature can never ever buy another pet again as long as she lives.

  28. What a POS owner!!! How could anyone that Loved their dog do this after 20 years??? Please notify FROSTED FACES FOUNDATION to inform them of this angel’s story. Bless you Samoa… I am so sorry your owner dumped you like trash!!! You deserve soooo much better than this!!!

  29. How can you just dump your family member of 20 years you heartless mf you could have gotten him help by doing fundraisers did you stop to use your brain after seeing and hearing this you make sick.

  30. This story and the further reteric has reduced me to tears, without gaining the information from both sides I can only say I am wondering why after 20 years this companion has been handed over?
    I have dogs and love my dogs to bits, a twenty year commitment is good going, don’t take that away from the owner!
    Do we know the owners real living situation? (Apart from the posted information)

    It would seem there is whole host of dog lovers ready to point fingers and call the previous owner POS?? And a lot of other bad names…… and another suggestion posted that dog should have have been made more presentable for the camera!! Clean up the eyes was it?
    WOW! Old dogs have gammy bits, get a life!

    • And what “living condition” justifies turning your 20 year old blind dog into a “kill” shelter to be most likely put down by strangers? Please let me know because I, myself can’t think of ANY!


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