Dog owner caught on camera punching his dog at least 40 times

A Staffordshire terrier was the victim of disturbing cruelty after his heartless owner at an East Sussex pub dragged his dog to the corner of the outdoor garden area forcing the dog to sit under a bench and then punching his dog at least 40 times before pouring a pint of beer over the animal’s head. The disturbing act was caught on the establishment’s closed camera security system. According to  Daily Mail, the defenseless dog had been sitting on a bench quietly next to another patron when the owner came out and apparently lost his temper.

The owner of the Royal Oak pub in Lewes told authorities she kicked the man out as soon as an employee came in to report the horrible incident:

“One of my staff came up to me and said there was an issue with a man and his dog in the garden. I watched him through the window and saw him hit the dog and I had to go over and ask him to leave. It was only afterwards, when I watched the whole incident on the CCTV, that I realized it went on for 15 minutes.”

The description of the disturbing situation continued:

“We saw him punch the dog 36 times, kick it four times, choke it twice with the lead and he poured a pint of beer over it. What you can’t really see in the video is that the dog is muzzled as well. So it can’t even defend itself against him,” the woman stated. ” I felt so guilty when I realized I let the poor dog leave with that man.”

When police arrived, they did take the video and are appealing to the public to help identify the man. The man has been described as in his 20s, 5’2″ with blonde or ginger colored hair, thin and wearing dark tracksuit pants.

Let’s hope the police can find this man and help this dog before it’s too late.

(Photos of man punching his dog at least 40 times via Daily Mail and video )

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Video is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewing audiences.



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  1. linda says:

    What an asshole! I’m pleading for this dog to be found soon. I’m sure this wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last. Please give us updates.

  2. Janey David Bagnati says:

    Dear god, I hope they find this pup. He deserves a better life than that scum! Defenseless muzzled and can’t fend for himself. Just wrong! Please public help and locate and take this precious sole from this monster!! We are looking for you sweet fur baby!

  3. pamela bolton says:

    It’s lowlifes like this that give HUMANS a bad name. This man should be jailed and forbidden to have animals of any kind for the rest of his life. Had I been there, I would have done everthing in my power to REALLY hurt this man.

  4. Mary says:

    Keep us informed on this situation. Hopefully, they will take the dog away from this inhumane person, actually I should say wild animal.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I love the way people will video this abuse and do nothing to stop it! I suppose this will be blamed on the POS being intoxicated, and all will be forgiven. I pray for this dog, I hope someone finds this monster and takes the dog away before it is too late.

  6. jeanette says:

    let me find him, I will do the exact same thing to him that he did to that poor dog. the dog was muzzled, not even a chance to bite the bastard, poor dog.

  7. Vicki says:

    Someone update us if this dirty, evil little prick is found!! Please find him and beat the living shit out of this bastard! I pray this poor dog is found before its too late! Dam these mf’s who hurt harmless animals.

  8. Pam says:

    She felt bad for letting the dog leave with him???? You stupid stupid dumb bitch!!! I cant believe the owner didnt call the police when she came in and told him what she just witnessed!! I pray to God that this piece of shit is found soon and that poor dog is still alive!!

  9. Bri says:

    Makes me sick that the dog wasn’t helped. This poor thing needs a good home. What a pos. The dog didn’t do anything . Sick to my stomache . I hope they catch the guy. I hope the dog is rescued and given a good home. It breaks my heart that this dog was treated this way

  10. Roe says:

    Ok, jackass, you got on camera. You had your 15 minutes of fame. Now give up the dog and pay the piper. You’re a loser as you can only harm what can’t defend itself. You’re psychologically deranged.

  11. Catherine Staffy says:

    This happened in the UK. The guy in the video looks like a typical British feral lout. The type that goes to football matches for a punch up. Makes me puke. Pls keep us updated.

  12. Cynthia Como says:

    In no way can I watch the video! Reading the story is horrifying enough! This dog is probably severely injured and in a lot of pain,if not dead! I really,really hope they locate this poor defenseless dog!

  13. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il faut que les gens le retrouvent avant la police et lui faire la même chose, il ne mérite pas de vivre. Assassin, sous merde, consanguin, qu’il crève la gueule ouverte, bâtard.

  14. Nancy Raymond says:

    Someone in that place KNOWS who this drunk is – step up and get that poor dog away from this miserable bastard. Those that watched this thru a window are no more than a bunch of cowardly punks – to watch an innocent defenseless dog get beaten and DO NOTHING only shows what you are made of – jelly. This dog deserves MUCH better.

  15. Red says:

    I guess I would be arrested. If I EVER SEE ANYONE abusing an animal…. I am stepping in. If it is really bad, I am hitting the POS so hard he won’t know what day of the week it is!! This went on for 15 minutes and NO ONE DID ANYTHING?????

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      I agree with the comments including the latest ones from Moana Marie Walters and Red. This is too disturbing a case to let go of and esp since NO ONE did anything. Unfortunately many British have a knack of not intervening in other peoples’ disputes in public and don’t help. On the other hand, there are misfits like this idiot who are into brawling just for the fun of it. Disgusting. I don’t give a toss if they want to beat the crap out of each other but when it comes to ANY ANIMAL I become a monster ! I very much doubt this Neanderthal will be found. Hope so. Keep fingers crossed and pls keep us informed P.R.R.


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