Heartbreaking: 11-year-old Chi wearing her tiny sweater surrendered to shelter

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In a heartbreaking photo posted on social media Wednesday evening, an 11-year-old Chi (Chihuahua) had been surrendered to the Riverside Animal Shelter. Her family, involved in a divorce, turned Princess over to the shelter in her tiny bed; the frightened little one wearing one of her many sweaters left with shelter personnel.

According to her owner, Princess (A1407912) is house trained and is accustomed to wearing sweaters. She does not like cats, however she won’t hurt them. To help, please share her photos and information with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. A Facebook post sharing this little one’s information can be followed here.

For more information, interested fosters or adopters are asked to directly contact the shelter. Per the Riverside County web site:

 “If you’d like to speak with someone right away, please call 951-358-7387 or, if you live in the Coachella Valley, you can call 760-343-3644 or email us at [email protected].”

Hopefully, Princess can find her new home quickly and can leave the shelter today. Make sure to reference A1407912 when making inquiries.

(Photos of 11-year-old Chi courtesy of Kelly Reeves)

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  1. I just don’t understand how people use the excuse “divorce” to dump their dog at a shelter. I would think during that time you would need the unconditional love of your dog more then ever. I hope someone will give this sweet little girl a loving home for her remaining years.

    • My ex loved the dogs more than he loved me and that’s fine – he didn’t do anything to them. Instead, he cleaned out our joint bank accounts and moved out. I told my mom that money can be replaced, my dogs can’t. If he had taken them, I would have fought tooth and nail to get them back because they were MINE and not his.

  2. Why do you have to get rid of your pet when you get a divorce? Somebody loved this precious pup, did that end when the marriage did? I never did for me and I with my two kids, dog and cat somehow were able to stay together. Praying this precious pup finds a loving home, someone who will still love Princess even if their marriage falls apart.

  3. OMG: this poor baby……. Absolutely heartbreaking……. I agree that during a stressful time, a loving pet is the best (& cheapest therapy)!!!!!!!

    I have tried (& failed each time) to arrange for a senior chihuahua to be pulled and transported…… If that were possible, I would take this treasure in a heartbeat…..

    I hope this little treasure makes it out of the shelter ASAP into a furever home where she will be a beloved and treasured family member…..

  4. Princess is so cute. Just because you’re getting a divorce does not justify throwing your dog away. There’s a good chance that either a rescue or person will take her. Princess facebook post indicated a few people have already expressed interest.

  5. I will take her! As commented on another post I was working on, Zappos is doing free transport for the holidays! If someone will pull her & get her sent as I’m in GA. My number 478-456-8764! I have also forwarded to several rescuers in that area.

    • It is so sad they dumped her after all these years. I would think you would want someone to give you unconditional love especially when you are going through a divorce. I went through a divorce and i would move heaven and earth to keep my pets. I would have kept looking for a place that allows dogs. No human can match the love a dog gives you. She deserves so much better. Shame on those people!

    • She was rescued by No Paws Left Behind. You could contact them but I doubt they would allow her to go so far away. She is 11 yrs old and it would be a long trip. Especially this time of year.

  6. Emerald City Pet Rescue will take her but I can’t connect to the poster. I hope she sees this. ECPR is one of the best rescues around

  7. Why can,t Meghan Markle take her beloved dog with her to the Uk. The relationship between human and canine is one of the most endearing connection that exists,It saddens me to think this will occur.The queen has her precious Corgi.s and I think she would understand.

  8. Divorce is no reason to abandon your dog. Chihuahuas are the best dogs in the world. They only require a lot of love and attention. Shame on the people who abandoned her.

    • I agree with you!!!!! Chihuahuas have all the love in the world to share!!!!! I wish I could save all of these precious treasures who end up “unwanted”……
      It’s especially heartbreaking to me to hear about senior Chihuahuas who end up in shelters, dying alone, afraid and worst of all, unloved……


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