Getting by with a little help from friends: 2 lonely shelter dogs bond

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Two lonely shelter dogs, Blinker and Chili Pepper, had never met until they were brought into the DeKalb County Animal Services in Chamblee, Georgia. Chili Pepper arrived in August when animal control officers picked him up as a stray. In September, Blinker had been rescued after having been tethered to a property with no shelter available.

When the two  one-year-old dogs were placed together in a kennel, something wonderful happened. Almost instantly the two dogs bonded – cuddling with each other and in the most adorable way. Katie Corbett captured photos of the two as they snuggled up to each other on their little bed.

Getting by with a little help from friends has helped Blinker and Chili Pepper. How frightened any dog must be after winding up in a shelter; strange smells, no one familiar and noise, noise, noise! And so these two are always together and strategically touching – knowing how good it feels. Both dogs are available for adoption, and although it would obviously be preferred to keep them together, they can be adopted separately. Blinker loves to be hugged and appears to be the more sedate of the two dogs. Chili Pepper has some extra energy and enjoys a good romp in the yard chasing tennis balls.

Both dogs will be neutered upon adoption. Blinker will need surgery on his cherry eye which will be paid for by the shelter. Follow their story on Facebook here.

Interested in adopting? Bring the children, bring the cat and make arrangements to meet these two. For more information click here.

(Photos of 2 lonely shelter dogs courtesy of DeKalb County Animal Services)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE some kind, compassionate and loving soul give Blinker and Chili Pepper a safe and forever home – they belong together and you will never regret saving them from death – they will definitely be your best friends and give unconditional love.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Georgia is next to Texass in dumping, and not caring for the animals they procure !!! These 2 beautiful and kind dogs deserve so much better in life. I hope an outside rescue will come and give them another chance at a good and loving home together, although I fear this may not happen… the shelter looks to be clean and a caring place from the photo.. I hope for the best…

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Used to be a great place to post , but when one posts and gets notification that this is a duplicate post when they haven’t even posted on the site.. I can see why the # of posts , people communicating on the site their feelings, has dropped about 80% I feel so sorry for these two because I fear they won’t make it out without a rescue…

  4. vicki hood says:

    Please share. These pals are great together. They would make a family complete and be your best friends. Cuddle bugs. Mush faces. Kissable and so soft.


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