Former tenant locked emaciated dog in closet to die

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An emaciated dog was discovered on Wednesday locked in a closet in Oklahoma City for what authorities believe to have been two weeks. He had been locked in an apartment unit after the tenant had been evicted and changed the locks.

According to AbcNews6, cleaning personnel entered the vacant apartment to clean it, and heard noise coming from the closet. When they opened the door, feces was everywhere, and the dog had no food or water. Forever Yours Dog Rescue has stepped forward to help, dubbing the one-year-old pooch, “Clark Kent.” Executive director of the organization, Michelle Owens posted on the group’s Facebook page:

“… He is currently at Animal Wellness Clinic. He had blood work yesterday. He is heartworm negative thank goodness. His feet are flat due to lack of nutrition and exercise. Clark is around 1-year old and will be in the animal hospital for a few more days. We will need a foster home for him when he is released.”

The dog should weigh between 40 to 45 pounds and weighs less than half at this time. Michelle believes the former owners of the dog purposely intended the dog to die of starvation – why else would they have locked him in a closet and changed the locks on the apartment door when they left? The dog is currently recovering at the Animal Wellness Center in Oklahoma City and is being fed several small meals a day.

To donate to Clark Kent’s care, please click here.

(Photo screenshot of emaciated dog via AbcNews)

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  1. Why would anyone want to torture an animal this way? Don’t people have souls? I really hope this lovely doggie finds a suitable loving home soon after a speedy recovery (well, as speedy as possible). Heal well, beautiful baby. Love and prayers going out to you ❤️

  2. J’espère que les anciens (maîtres) seront retrouvės et condamnés sévèrement.
    Que ce bébé retrouve la forme et trouve une maison avec beaucoup d’amour.

  3. Humans are unbelievable cruel and that sweet baby would have forgiven the scum if they would have come back. I pray that the dog makes a full recovery and finds his right human and can learn to trust and put this behind him

  4. Hard to tell, but he looks like a Pit Bull pup…which is par for the course for a lot of idiots out there. I have a theory that some people think, “I’d like to have a Pit Bull”. Then they get one and don’t know how, or don’t care to, take care of a dog. So they just lock him in a closet and leave him to DIE??? I hope he gets the MOST loving and loyal family now. ????????❤????????

  5. No Dog doesn’t deserve this and if his owner had problems that’s no reason for a cute Dog to suffer that why. The owner needs alot of help. BIG TIME HELP.

  6. Poor little dog. I hope the tenant is found and penalized by having to serve at a local animal shelter for several years. Thank you! ~ NW Florida

  7. This is WHY I love animals….first, thank goodness he survived MOST IMPORTANT! But this dog is so resilient…I’m certain he will NOT ONLY b ok physically, he will MAKE A PERFECT COMPANION 2 the LUCKY NU PARENTS! And most likely he would forgive that PIECE of SHIT

  8. Horrible! It also says that the rescue is not seeking criminal charges against the owner and I completely disagree- the abuser should be charged and punished! I see daily posts from different rescues asking for donations and Foster homes for abused animals. There’s so many…I donate as often as I can but it frustrates me that so little is done to punish the animals abusers. Sometimes it would be easy to track the abuser down and file the charges but you don’t hear about it very often. Meanwhile the abuser moves on to abuse more animals and another heartbreaking story and request for donations (usually thousands of dollars) is posted to save their lives. I appreciate the work rescues do but the abusers will not stop if they are not held accountable!

  9. I have a 17yrs old black smooth griffon who has gone blind with cateracs
    Last week he was out the front with me.
    He wandered onto the next door neighbor front lawn.
    I was spraying the weeds so didn’t see he had gone there until I heard her yelling abuse
    I was calling him off her lawn when she comes out of her home to violently kick with her boot my little man off her lawn over the footpath over the grass verge onto the road.
    Still yelling abuse & clapping her hands that she had hurt him
    I picked him up rushed to the phone rung the vet and the police
    Took him to the vet he was severaly bruised had concussion &suffering shock & stress $220 00 expenses
    He didn’t eat or drink for 3 days
    I am glad to say with much love he has returned to his old self
    But my neighbor is gloting every time she walks past my home as to how she got away with it. & given the chance will do it again with no punishment at all
    Thanks for letting me share this terrible event

    • Meredith happy to know your dog is recovering. So upset what your asshole neighbor did. Bring her to small claims court for her to pay the vet bill! It’s in your favor.


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