Emergency: 2-year-old shepherd suffered severe injuries

It’s not as if Rescue Dogs Rock NYC isn’t accustomed to 911 emergency notifications from partner rescue organizations, animal advocates and friends, but Thursday evening’s rescue effort has to be one of the worst Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the organization, has ever seen. In rural Anson County, North Carolina, a two-year-old German shepherd mix was surrendered to the shelter – the owners claiming the accident had just happened and they had no other choice but to turn their dog, Simone, over to Animal Control.

“Got a 911 call from an owner. Dog has been burned by something…stated some sort of acid. Not sure. AC is on their way out. If it’s surrendered to us can you take her?,” Jackie explained to Pet Rescue Report referencing the information received from the shelter.

The owners claimed the acid burns just happened; details have not all been released at this time, however when Simone arrived at the shelter, it is important to note her skin just flapped over her back and was not attached. Simone was critical when she arrived -in pain and dripping blood. Rushed to the emergency veterinarian, the disturbing truth quickly unraveled:

“We have a heartbreaking update on Simone; our dog burned with acid. She arrived at our SC vet a little while ago and was rushed in for EMERGENCY surgery. This horrific act of cruelty & abuse did not happen today as owner stated. Vet estimates it happened closer to a week ago & infection & necrotic skin were present!”

As for the dog’s skin, it had to be removed to get down to the healthy tissue. It should be noted, the skin shown being lifted and removed was “not attached.”

“The suffering this sweet shepherd mix has endured since the “incident” makes us cringe!,” explained Jackie late Thursday evening on the organization’s Facebook page.  “We all know how painful burns are, and she’s been suffering for many days! We are furious and sick. There is no quick fix for Simone who is roughly 2 years old. People suck! We cannot wrap our heads around this right now. IF she survives, Simone has a very long road back, but she’s made it a week and that tells us she wants to live!”

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