Baby deer taken from the wild

Man finds baby deer and takes it to a bar, now it can never go home

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Recently, a days old baby deer was found curled up in the Arizona desert, likely waiting for his mother to return. Tragically, before the fawn’s mother came back, a man happened upon the baby and decided that the wild animal was in need of his help.

According to AZ Family, the man wound up transporting the fawn to a bar in Salome. Shortly thereafter, the man took the fawn to a nearby home – a fish and game officer then arrated to the residence to pick up the baby deer.

The want-to-be good Samaritan unknowingly destroyed the fawn’s chances of ever going to live back in the wild. Wildlife Education manager Mike Demlong explained:

Unfortunately, people will find baby wildlife in the field and they’ll think it’s abandoned when it’s not. The mother will stash it there for safety purposes, but if you remove it from the wild, it can’t go back.”

Shortly after the situation was posted on the Facebook page for Arizona Game and Fish, a further explanation about why the baby will now live in captivity was provided to those who are upset with the news:

Returning baby wildlife back to the wild is our main priority, but it can only be done successfully within 24 hours of the mother leaving the young animal behind. The individual who removed the newborn fawn couldn’t recall the exact location where he took it from. It would have done little good to leave the fawn alone, with little chance for its mother to still find it, and it was already dependent on humans for food. For that reason, it it couldn’t be placed back into the wild and now must live a life of captivity.

The agency added:

Our aim is to do what’s best for the animal, if that is at all possible. Luckily we were able to find a facility with space to house this young fawn – that isn’t always the case. That is why it is imperative that people leave baby wildlife alone. They are rarely abandoned, and their parent(s) are usually nearby.

While it’s too late for this baby to live out its life in the wild, the game department wants the situation to serve as a learning opportunity for others. If you see a baby deer in the wild, please allow its mother to return…she is likely nearby, waiting for you to leave.

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7 replies

    Whoever found this deer, please return him! It is not your right to take a voiceless away from his mother for crying out loud!


    He is crying for his mother. This is really an example that deer is also a pet, and hunting them should not be allowec and I can nevet understand why no laws to protect them from being hunted in the wild. They are all God’s children.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    When dealing with wildlife it would seem prudent to call the experts before you try to “help” a baby that most likely doesn’t need your help. Somewhere out there, there is a momma deer wondering what has become of her baby, and and now a baby will grow up without his momma. It’s too bad the want-to-be good Samaritan didn’t leave well enough alone.

    • ellen cottone says:

      You don’t call anyone. You just leave it, its fine.
      Same thing with baby rabbits hiding in your garden as well as fledgling just out of the nest . They have to spend 2 days on the ground. Leave them alone. In all cases the parents are monitoring the situation. Hands off and mind your business .

  4. Kathleen Drude says:

    In New Jersey this happens a lot as well and as in the case in Arizona the babies that are taken by people are then unable to go back into the wild! That’s why please don’t think the parent isn’t coming back trust me they are or they are near by watching their baby being stolen from them by a human!

  5. Sherry says:

    I’m still puzzled by him bringing the baby to a BAR. Such an odd choice. I guess he was trying to help, but I too, wish he had reached out before jumping the gun, since he obviously doesn’t know much about wildlife. I am not going to come down on him too harshly because I think his intentions were pure (albeit stupid). It’s such a shame for the baby and the mom. Wish he wouldn’t have acted so rashly and left nature alone. But at least he wasn’t TRYING to harm the animal, as SOOOO many out there do!


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