Emaciated dog abandoned in snow had only a few hours left to live

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A cruel owner abandoned her emaciated dog in the snow earlier this week. The sad-faced, female Dogue De Bordeaux had been curled up in a ball in a Cradley Heath nature preserve in West Midlands, Birmingham, United Kingdom. The starving dog would have only survived a few more hours had she not been discovered by a passer-by.


According to the Animal House Rescue‘s founder Lin Reeves, a distress call came in early on Saturday asking for help, and when she arrived at where the dog named Elsa was located, Reeves was in shock at the dog’s condition. Elsa weighed only 38 pounds– less than half what a dog her breed should weigh.

“In 30 years of animal rescue work I have never seen a dog in such a state as Elsa, and I do not know how she still is alive. I did not think she would survive the next few hours let alone the night,” Reeves wrote on Facebook.

When the heartbreaking photos of Elsa were posted and the accompanying information described on social media, animal advocates eagerly came out to help and pledge funding for the dog’s emergency care.

“As soon as a picture of her was put on social media we began getting calls from people wanting to help or donate cash, she really captured the imagination. I don’t know whether it is her sad little face or just the shocking neglect she has suffered, but people wanted to know how she was doing, I have had calls from South Africa, Jersey and all over the UK,” stated Reeves.

Elsa remains in the care of Your Vets in Smethwick where staff workers saved her life.  Tests are being done to determine if there are any underlying reasons why the dog was so emaciated. If her health proceeds to improve, it is hoped Elsa could be adopted and in her new home by Christmas – still it is a day to day situation as the dog’s progress is carefully monitored.

Elsa’s progress can be followed on The Animal House Rescue Facebook page .

There has not been any information as to Elsa’s owner. Anyone who recognizes this dog, please contact the rescue organization. Elsa deserves justice.

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(Photos of Elsa the emaciated dog via The Animal House Rescue Facebook)

The video tells her story in pictures:

10 replies
  1. Alisa clark says:

    This breaks my ???? how anyone could be so cruel. Our pets love unconditionally and but then get treated so badly. Thank’s to the person that saw this dog needed help and spoke up. And thanks to all the people that is taking care of this angel. My prayers are that this baby has a full recovery and can put this aweful nightmare behind him and find a loving home????

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    ONE thing for sure the British abuse their animal’s at least as bad or worse then is done here … here in the USA do the Mother Country isn’t superior even if the Royals think they are… This is down right rotten!!!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    There is a special place in hell for these bottom feeders who treat those without a voice so cruelly – I only wish they could be sent there alive. This poor dog did nothing except be stuck with a maggot for an owner. May they pay dearly and painfully.

  4. Helen says:

    Praying for Elsa’s recovery. The disgusting human trash who abused and neglected this poor girl should be charged and thrown in jail forever!

  5. Darla says:

    Torture….some POS tortured this poor dog. Probably fed their fat faces right in front of her, denying her the food but she could see it and smell it. I hope she survives.

  6. ellen cottone says:

    hopefully will be adopted by the nice family in New Jersey with the giant back yard. and who will spoil the hell out of her


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