‘Don’t look away’: No one stopped to help dog lying on the cold harsh streets until …

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“Don’t look away” were the words echoed by a animal rescuer after a Good Samaritan stopped to comfort a dog curled up on an old decrepit mat out on the cold harsh streets near the border of Mexico in Texas.

“Look long and hard at these photos,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, begged as she posted the disturbing pictures on the organization’s Facebook page of abuse and neglect.  “You will understand the cruel and heartless world we live in. How this dog is no better than the garbage on the streets that surround her while she lies on the street just waiting to die…”


Meet Mila; had it not been someone kind who picked her off of the streets on Monday, she likely would have suffered until finally succumbing to all that was medically wrong. For months, Mila, her name abbreviated for the Spanish word Milagros which means Miracle, lived at an abandoned auto shop; it remains a miracle and mystery how she survived this long.

By Monday evening, Mila had started her road to recovery. Immediately rushed to an emergency veterinarian, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has committed to helping this dog to recover; although it will be a long one, it’s one day at a time for now:

“DAY 1 : Mila has a multitude of ailments, heartworm positive, tick born illness, anemic , dehydrated , anoplasmosis , skin infection , hairless and emaciated. In addition her paws are inflamed and she can barely walk. ”

“You can see every rib on her emaciated body. She’s a complete mess from head to toe. We look at her and just want to cry and cry.”

Everything medically possible is being done to save Mila’s life. More updates will follow.  To help with Mila’s recovery:


Go to http://rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate
Pay pal
[email protected]
PO Box 101
NY NY 10028

(Photos of “Don’t look away’ courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. RDR of NY does another rescue that we are all grateful for. This dog would not have survived if not for them. Stacey & Co. are always there to help and do an amazing job. God bless them and the work they do.

  2. Thank you RDR. You’re every dogs’ guardian angel. I noticed Mila had a collar on when she was found curled up on the old mat. Unless the collar belonged to RDR, Mila was someone’s pet and was probably abandoned by her owner. I’m sorry Mila that humans failed you and I pray for your full recovery.

  3. Thank you.RDR, NYC. You have answered the need, cry of so many critically abused dogs. Thought and prayers are with you and those lives you save.
    I’ll be watching for updates.

  4. Mila, You will be beautiful again thanks to RDR and the good samaritans that finally helped you. Those that ignored you are called sheeple. It is not a nice name. RDR is such a Godsend.

  5. This is what my Kizzy looked like. I brought her home from Mexico with not one hair on her body. She turned out to be a mostly black lab and wonderful of course. She was bald and squinting from infected eyes and we even saw her being mated. Lots to go through to even find a vet as she was coming home with us. We had her for about 12 years. This was years ago and we had to use poisons on her but she did get well. My Dr. Bendorf in OJai help us so much, We will never forget him. Dr Bendorf was a vet because he truly loved animals. We loved him AND Kizzy along with those we came across that needed a good vet.

  6. AND HERE IS YET another PRODUCT TEXASS & MEXICO have abused beyond belief and left for dead!!!! What the HELL is wrong with YOU PEOPLE DOWN THERE!!!

  7. I’m so happy this dog is getting the TLC he has been denied for so long, maybe forever. Please Lord, reach down and heal this dog.

  8. Sweet Mila, I’m praying for your complete and quick recovery, and that you are placed in a loving and caring forever home. Angels, please watch over this precious pup created from God. Please grace Mila with good health, love, protection, and a joyful and happy life. ????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. If not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Mila would be still lying on the road being ignored by the cruel ignorant so called ‘humans’ – how ANYONE could just pass this poor suffering animal and pretend not to see only enforces my position that people suck – believe me, if I saw a human and an animal suffering, the animal would be my first and probably my only priority.

  10. Heartbreaking, donated 100.00 to help with care. RDR is an awesome, loving rescue thank God they extended their heart and hand too MILA… 🙂 Prayers for a more humane world of humans, GOD SPEED!


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