Teenager can not be charged as an adult in ‘torture’ of friend’s dog

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On Monday, the Supreme Judicial Court, in a unanimous decision, ruled that juveniles cannot be charged as adults for physically torturing animals because the legal term “bodily injury” only applies to human beings.

According to the Boston Globe, the court ordered the dismissal of animal cruelty and bestiality charges against a 14-year-old boy after he allegedly forced a soap dispenser into the animal’s body causing “serious internal injuries to the dog.”  Prosecutors indicted the teen who remains unnamed because of his age, as a youthful offender which meant he could have faced punishment as an adult if convicted.

In the decision, the court stated the charges were “extremely disturbing” however the state Legislature did not explicitly include animals in 1996 when creating the youthful offender process for minors accused of violent crimes.

State Senator Bruce Tarr stated he will propose to amend the law.

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    • With the judges decision wouldn’t it be great if there was a law that stated if the courts release a perp without much thought as to what might happen to others that we could go after the courts and expose them. Let the courts be punished. We all know judges are sometimes paid off. Cops are paid off. Evil but more common than we realize.

  1. This fucken bastard has JUST STARTED his cruel ways!!!!!We will hear more about this asshole!!! Where is his family!! Are you proud if your perverted son??????

  2. AND HERE YOU HAVE IT!!! another loop hole in the ” so-called-law” that will allow the animal’s to continue to be abused by the scumbag, riff-raff Psychopathic Youth that are being Spawned by their equally mentally disturbed parents!!!! WOW !!! God Bless America as We certainly NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET!!

  3. At least put a restraining order on the low life Bastard to stay away from animals and children. Sure thing he will do it too kids too.

  4. This little spawn of Satan knew right from wrong……the fact that he’s underage doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. He needs to be strung up by his balls – oh, wait, he doesn’t have any.

  5. OK…. the courts will not do anything…. MAKE THE PARENTS PUNISH THIS LITTLE WASTE OF SKIN! If not, then fine them for raising a monster.

    • Parents should know where he is if not st school or in school activities. They probably are worthless as well. She/ he will most likely turn out to be a future serial killer! I think they should get the death penalty! Preventing future crime!! And the name of the perp listed as well!

  6. The court just let another monster loose on society! This sadistic young man is an extreme danger to society and when he does that to a person the court who set him free should be imprisoned for aiding and abetting him!

  7. Wake up Boston!!! Your loop holed laws are letting 14 year old psychopaths go free. This monster has already mapped his course with these horrific acts. Good luck over there you will need it with this gem.

  8. So, he’s not an adult that committed a crime of animal abuse? Then charge him as a juvenile that has committed a crime of animal abuse. To let him walk on all charges is screaming what he did is alright. IT IS NO WAY ON THIS EARTH ALRIGHT! Ship the little asshole to juvy. Geez! It’s not rocket science.

  9. The so called ‘Supreme Judicial Court’ is full of too many people who are either inflicted with Alzheimers or have the brain power of a rock – they just contributed to these so called ‘juveniles’ being allowed to abuse animals and will start on their training to become the serial killers in the near future. We are allowing these punks to get away with horrible crimes because of their age – this punk is 14 not 5 and is now allowed to continue to abuse whoever he pleases –

  10. We seriously need to change the laws in this country NOW! There are too many people going unpunished and when the judges are up for re-election, check into how they voted on their cases and if you don’t agree with their ruling, get rid of them! Seriously people do some research and get out and vote for the people that will do some good for this country! How many of you do not vote??????

  11. That is BULLSHIT!!!! If they do it when they are young they will just contniue to do this HORRIBLE abuse!!!! Not only that they can turn it on to a child or anything else!!!! They are so STUPID!!!!


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