Dog sucks on his blanket for security after owner returned him to shelter

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Five-year-old Cheech sucks on his blanket for security as his anxiety has once again emerged after having been returned to the Trumbull County Pound in Warren, Ohio. According to volunteers, Cheech, now known as Harley, had always been a shelter favorite, but some dogs just have special needs. In Harley’s case, this handsome boy needs to be the only pet in the home and safely secured with a fenced in yard. 

Please don’t prejudge this boy; he is neutered, fully vetted, house trained and does well with older children – just because he tends to jump up when excited as if it is time to play. If only families would take their time to make sure the dog is a proper fit. Otherwise, we have heartbroken dogs like Harley:

Harley weighs 60 pounds and is a pit bull and Staffordshire mix of the best qualities of each breed. If interested you are invited to the shelter to meet this boy in person and be entertained by his sense of humor and the true desire to have a home of his own. Obedience training with The Canine Campus Training and Wellness facility located in Hubbard will be sponsored by the shelter volunteers to an approved adopter or rescue organization.

“He waits quietly in his cage until he sees you coming towards him and he is all wiggles. He takes treats ever so gently. He is always up for a fun romp in the play yard along with some loving and baby talk. This boy is a beautiful, friendly and loving boy who well with kids although he does need to be taught basic manners,” stated Tonya on the group’s Facebook page.

For more information about Cheech/Harley, contact the Trumbull County Pound at 7501 Anderson Ave., Warren, Oh (330) 675-2787.

Photos of dog sucking on his blanket and video courtesy of the The Volunteers of The Trumbull County Pound and Community.

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  1. Obviously whoever adopted this boy knew all the “special needs” and still adopted him although they were not able to provide him with the home he needed. Shame on them! I hope this precious boy finds someone who is able to love him for what he is and I hope it is soon!

  2. Poor little Harley. It’s bad enough to be in the pound once, but he doesn’t deserve to be returned. Not his fault, he’s just a puppy doing puppy things. Someone please save him. Don’t let him be killed just because no one took the time to teach him some manners, He’s such a beautiful sweet boy and is full of love to share.

  3. Harley is also kneading the blanket. Some of my cats displayed the same behavior. Hoping Harley gets a forever loving home. Shared.

  4. This shelter is 5 minutes from me,they are %98 no kill. I have three seniors with health conditions so I can’t afford a fourth. Vet care is costly!! I’m praying for Harley to find that perfect forever home! Some dogs have a harder time than others exiting in a shelter environment! My heart aches for this dog!!!!


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