Is there somebody, anybody, willing to help this 15-year-old dog?

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Update: adopted!

A rescue group in California is willing to take in a 15-year-old dog with a skin condition, but repeated pleas for a foster home have fallen on deaf ears. On Tuesday morning, a desperate request for help was issued on Facebook for a dog who is currently at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter:

Incredible. NO ONE has offered to foster this dog. She has a great rescue who will pay all expenses, an angel looking out for her and a skin condition that is not contagious and will be treated. Many of you reading this do so much for the animals, I am directing this next comment to those who do nothing tangible: YOU are the “somebody” in your “SOMEBODY help her!” remarks. YOU can help by doing more than “praying SOMEONE will save her.” YOU ARE “SOMEBODY.”

On March 26, the At-Choo Foundation reached out for help for the 15-year-old dog dubbed “Professor Sable:”

Only needs a FOSTER and she can leave the shelter – she’s already got a rescue. Southern Calif. She’s got the wiggle, the waddle, the wagging tail and happiness overload! Sad? What? NO time for that silly nonsense!

A simple request – one person who is willing and able to take in one senior dog whose tail never stops wagging. 

Per the At-Choo Foundation: Baldwin Park Shelter (Los Angeles) 626 962-3577. ID A5042464. She is said to be a glorious 15 yrs old and arrived March 20, 2017 and is available NOW to squeeze into your heart.

Note: The At-Choo Foundation wants to help with medical costs for Professor of Love, Sable. All donations are 100% tax deductible and a billion percent appreciated! If you would like to help create magic, paypal is;

Find the At-Choo Foundation on Facebook here.

65 dogs found living in squalor at illegal breeding facility – read the story here.

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  1. Sue says:

    Oh great, and the “shelters” (which have, like almost everywhere else, been invaded by the pharmaceutical empire) automatically inject poison vaccines into them upon intake, and then feed them the worst, disgusting “food.”

    Dr. Cynthia Harcourt, DVM – “I believe that adverse reactions from pet vaccinations, especially the rabies vaccines, are contributing to a lot of the “allergic” skin problems seen today, leading to a problem known as vaccinosis, which is characterized by itchy, dark, thickened skin; especially over the abdomen and under the legs.”

    Dr. Anna Maria Gardner – “…Skin problems are the tip of the iceberg, and represent a body that is overstressed by the accumulation of years of toxins, vaccinations and poor diet. The problem is really an immune system that just cannot cope with the environment we are living in.”

    Dr. Autumn Drouin, DVM, ND “Do no harm. The animal’s condition must not be made worse in the long run to alleviate symptoms. Vaccines and flea and heart worm prevention can add to the body’s toxic load, which can lead to further immune system compromise.”

    There are a lot more. And if you are wondering why you don’t often see or hear this kind of information, or at all, I learned a long time ago, though being an activist, that if you want to know the truth, you have to dig through the mountain of self-serving misinformation put out by those who profit from creating life-long clients.

      • Sue says:

        I have fostered for about 50 years, and at one time I had as many as 10 dogs at one time. I’m of advanced age and slowing down now, although I am currently trying to detox one that I got out of the pound, after responding to an emotional appeal, and also taking care of an elderly (like me) shepherd mix, who I detoxed 7 years ago, after responding to another emotional appeal. Her owner passed away.

        I consider my main contribution, these days, to share what I know to try to prevent poisoning, as much as I can. And that is a VERY important mission, too. People have no idea how poisonous vaccines are, and that the effects of them don’t always show up right away, causing so many people to never connect the dots.

        Having grown up in a time when dogs were not vaccinated (and my own childhood dog was very healthy and shiny, no allergies, etc.), by the time I was rescuing, rabies shots had become “mandatory,” and several other vaccines were being pushed. Vaccines had invaded the pounds.

        I managed to rescue dogs, some of whom had only received the rabies vaccine, some who had not been vaccinated at all. But then I rescued dogs out of pounds who had been vaccinated. I could see the difference. On two occasions, fully vaccinated dogs from the pound came down with distemper within a week or two of me getting them home. I had been told by veterinarians that if an unvaccinated dog comes in contact with a dog with distemper, the unvaccinated dog will, WITHOUT A DOUBT, catch it, and most likely die. Contrary to this warning, the unvaccinated dogs didn’t “catch it.” I did manage to nurse the vaccinated dogs with distemper back to health.

        Then I was given a book that would have to be described as “banned” by the biggest power in the world today – the pharmaceutical industry, combined with it’s connections to the medical cartel, which is now also married to agribusiness, the petrochemical industry, etc.
        As soon as this coalition of powers found out the book had just arrived in bookstores, it arranged to have them all pulled back. Back in those days, finding the truth was even more difficult than finding it today.

        The book is titled “Slaughter of the Innocent,” by author, medical editor, and medical historian, Hans Ruesch. Shared within the pages of this book was a lot of information, including excerpts from medical journals, that I had never heard or seen before, and for what are now, to me, obvious reasons.

        But it was the information on vaccines, and the fact that they were causing a lot of leukemia, that sparked my interest. Based on my experience, and what I read, I embarked on research, going to medical libraries, reading medical journals, and searching through the “underground” for other outlawed books. Pandora’s box opened, and out came more information than I ever imagined.

        I wrote a book of my own, “The Vaccination Connection,” which is now online at

        Another good book, focusing solely on animals, is:

        Natural Immunity Book by Pat McKay
        Natural Immunity Book Free by Pat McKay. Cat Books, Cat Care. Natural Immunity Book Free by Pat McKay. Prev Article. Natural Immunity and Why You Should Not Vaccinate:

        So, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

        Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Microvascular ……

      • Lori says:

        The post above is hard to find contact info, but there is one reference to the rescue that might help. This one. They have a Facebook page (link above on the side of the picture) start there.

        Per the At-Choo Foundation: Baldwin Park Shelter (Los Angeles) 626 962-3577. ID A5042464. She is said to be a glorious 15 yrs old and

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    OMG! I’m a long, long way from California! I take care of my 83yr old Dad and have three dogs of my own,I will DEFINATELY be doing fostering in the future,but because of my elderly father I can’t foster now! When I no longer am caring for my Dad this will be the very first thing I do…..fostering! I love seniors,all three of mine are seniors,this sweeetie is darling! I can’t believe there is nobody willing to help this fur baby!

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I wish I was closer, I would adopt this poor baby. I live in Illinois so it would be impossible, otherwise I would take him.

  4. Carole says:

    I realize that I am the “somebody” always pleading for “somebody” to help, but I am also the “somebody” that has 8 rescue dogs and 3 rescue cats plus I have found homes for hundreds more. I am also the “somebody” that donates to more animal shelters and causes than I can really afford to. But I will still plead for “somebody” to do more. Sometimes it’s all we can do and sometimes it actually helps. the only alternative is to remain silent and what would that accomplish?

  5. susispot says:

    It looks like there is adoption interest. Still no foster offer, needed to get her out of (high kill) Baldwin Pk pound.

  6. Mark says:

    I would take that God in a minute! However I live in Florida and cannot afford to have her sent here. If they can send her , i will take her!


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