Man who bit head off of dog sentenced to prison

Man sent to prison for biting head off of dog
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According to Tuesday’s publication of the Daily Mail, a Puerto Rico man accused of biting the head off of a small dog and punching his girlfriend in the face, has been sentenced to time in prison. The man accused of the heinous crime is identified as 40-year-old Luis Arroyo.

The incident, which resulted in a sentence of seven years in prison, took place in Lares back in February. In addition to the time behind bars, a judge ordered Arroyo to pay a fine of $3,000. The dog killed in the violent altercation was a two-month-old Chihuahua who belonged to Arroyo’s girlfriend, reported Primera Hora.

Before the cruel and violent February incident, the man, who pleaded guilty to his charges, had apparently shown no signs of violence during the six months that he had been living with his girlfriend. Arroyo is being held at the Las Cucharas Correctional Complex.

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  1. RIP poor precious little furbaby. Unbelievable and awful what happened to you…… I am heartbroken you never had a chance to live, love and be treasured……

    I hope this POS rots in Hell……. absolutely disgusting and crazy cruel what he did……. lock him up forever & lose the keys. This POS does NOT belong in normal society……..

  2. You never know when their true colors will shine through! This sick bastard belongs in jail, I hope the girlfriend has been smart enough to leave this thug behind!

  3. Jail and a mental hospital are too good for this demonic freak. He will never be stable or safe for anyone, human or animal to be around . He is too far gone. I’d like to euthanize him.


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