Dog stabbed as he jumped in to protect family from knife-wielding assailant

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One dog was struck with a tire iron and another pet was stabbed on Monday as the dogs sprung into action to save their family during an attack from a man brandishing a knife in Brooksville, Florida.  The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of Duffield Road and Cedar Lane after having received 911 calls from neighbors about a man acting delusional.Hernando county Sheriff's Office

Moments before deputies arrived, a homeowner stated the crazed man, identified as Taylor Kendall Hodge, 26 had broken into their home threatening everyone with a knife. As the dogs went into action to keep their family safe, the family’s pit bull was struck with a tire iron. And that’s when the Basset Hound named Levi, tried to help, and he was subsequently stabbed. Both dogs have been transported to a local vet for treatment.

Witnesses stated the suspect screamed “I’m on meth,” as he ran down the road just prior to being confronted by deputies.

According to WtspNews, Sheriff Nienhuis stated deputies tried to subdue Hodge with an electronic control device, however Hodge attacked the deputies prompting authorities to shoot.

“This person was obviously in crisis, obviously delusional and obviously very dangerous,” Nienhuis said.

The two deputies involved in the shooting are identified as Deputies James Desmond and Earnest Johnson. Both officers are currently on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

The dogs, belonging to homeowner Terry Greene are currently in the care of Three Oaks Veterinarian Clinic. The family has a fundraiser to help pay for the veterinary expenses the family say they cannot afford. Levi remains at the clinic.

“This dog saved our family from man who ran though our home with knife,” states Terry.

(Photo of dog stabbed via family fundraiser. Other photos referencing story about dog stabbed courtesy of Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.)

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Video of situation can be viewed here:

Sheriff Al Nienhuis talking about a deputy-involved shooting in Brooksville.

Posted by Hernando County Sheriff's Office on Monday, February 20, 2017

24 replies
  1. ctalltree says:

    Your story doesn’t mention that the dog that was hit by the tire iron was killed, per the information given by the officer in the video. 🙁 Also, the individual that was shot was pronounced dead when transported to the hospital.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    According to the WtspNews report one of the dogs was killed and the Basset Hound is at the Vets. The owners have a go fund me account that says they won’t release Levi until the bill is paid. What a nightmare for this family.The junky was shot an killed by the police.

    • Darla says:

      I didn’t know the pittie died. I’m so sorry for the family. At least the POS was shot & killed…one less scumbag in the world.

      • Jennifer says:

        How could you say something like that? That “POS” that was shot and killed happened to be my best fucking friend. And you weren’t there that night everything happened! NONE of you know what was going on! So instead of hating on someone who didn’t deserve to die, go find something else better to do. The only POS here is all you people making these rude and hurtful comments. NOBODY IS PERFECT!! You sure as hell aren’t!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Jennifer, If this was your “best fu**ing friend” then you might want to rethink your choice of friends! Don’t expect any sympathy for someone who breaks into a house and threatens people with a knife, kills one dog with a tire iron and stabs another with a knife. This POS deserved what he got, there WAS NO excuse for what he did and we that are commenting with what you call “rude” and “hurtful” remarks aren’t on meth and trying to kill people!

      • linda says:

        Barkley’s Mom, WTG! Shocking, but, not surprised that Jennifer feels she has to defend a scumbag who broke the law, including killing one dog and viciously harming the other. I guess in her twisted mind it’s okay to act like criminals who think they’re above the law.

  3. Stephen Lee Phillips says:

    Sadly, their courageous Pibble died at the hand of this drug-crazed som’bitch (also – thankfully – DECEASED, at the hand of law enforcement).

    Prayers for the family, and the recovery of their precious Levi…

  4. Kathleen Drude says:

    These dogs dogs did what they were supposed to do they were protecting their family! Too often this is what happens when pets try to help their family members! These two survived but many times the ending is much sadder! Same thing with police officers who have a K9 partner! Too many times the dog is the one who is injured or killed!

  5. jeanette says:

    his family will probably sue the cops and the man he tried to kill. meth is dangerous, taking it, you are dangerous! I wouldn’t take a chance if I had a gun.


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