Couple accused of throwing puppy into dumpster identifed

Puppy thrown into dumpster
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According to Tuesday’s CNY Central News, the couple believed to be responsible for throwing a puppy into a dumpster in Utica, New York, earlier this month has been identified. The people who allegedly double bagged the five-month-old puppy before throwing him into the trash are identified as 51-year-old Philip Damasi and 47-year-old Donna MacGregor.

Previous story about this cruel incident:

Had it not been for a man and his daughter, who heard the cries of the puppy from their apartment, the tiny Dachshund might not be alive today. The family immediately called 911 to report the puppy’s loud whines, but when no one arrived to help, the man and his daughter went outside to investigate for themselves. As reported by WktvNews, the two found the puppy wrapped in a quilt inside of two sealed trash bags shivering.

According to Christopher Thornton, who found the puppy now dubbed Oscar, the black and brown pooch’s tongue was already purple, and he was nearly lifeless when he first found him.

“When I opened the bag and saw him he was barely moving. He was yelping at a lower tone than what we heard earlier,” Christopher stated.

On the same day Oscar was rescued, Animal Cruelty Officer Bill Pulaski stated a call came in from a woman very early in the morning, who wanted someone to come to her home to pick up a puppy she stated she could no longer care for – just hours later Christopher Thornton found Oscar. A man and a woman have since been arrested and charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for abandoning the puppy. During the interview, however the couple stated that the dog was already dead when they put him in the dumpster.

Oscar was named after Oscar the Grouch character from Sesame Street who lived out of a trash can. The puppy is currently in the custody of the SPCA in Central New York. Oscar is now very happy and healthy, and it might be that Christopher Thornton may want to adopt Oscar!

(Photo of Oscar the puppy found in Utica dumpster screenshot via TwcNews.)

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  1. and what will be done to these low lifes…. give them a day or 2 and they will get another dog…. and are they that stupid the dog was dead when they put him in the bags but wow now he is alive hmmmm to much meth?

  2. Good they got them, now throw the book at them they need to pay for what they have done! Until our court system starts taking animal abuse seriously, these POS’s will continue to do such horrible things and get away with it!

    • I too am a little person , retirement & SS and savvy about saving money and stretching things to make it work!!! Democrat, UNION ORIENTED by my Grandpa a UPRR UNION PACIFIC RAIL ROAD WORKER for 47 1/2 years. IRISH /ENGLISH/ GERMAN/ NATIVE AMERICAN/ worked my way thru college and University of Wyoming to get my RN Degree when I was in my 40’s so I could eek out a living… not an elitist!

      • you are the only person who used the word or inplied
        elitest. Whats the matter with you.

        Wrestling with your inner,

      • I am “Quite Comfortable in My Own Skin” Thank you. I am not in need of a psychologist or therapy to deal in the real world. I don’t do pottery. weave baskets, or wear wire rim glasses!

      • And you should thank schumer and gillibrad for all the animal proections they have pushed through in the last 6 months.
        And you should thank them for standing up to scott pruitt EPA reasented and hated pretender and oil mug.
        I do not believe for one secoond you were treated that way from senotor schumors staff. My family and i speak to them constantally.
        They belong to us.They care.
        They fought Scott Pruitt, his appointment tooth and nail. They are our allies!!. They have big hearts. like i know you do also BM.
        Dont squander your magic powers on bull shit. Fighting with friends, who think the same way.
        And work with people who will help. Use your voice.Its Earth Shaking.

    • NEW YORK,
      Has Strict laws against animal abuse.
      your grosly mistakem b.m.
      Chuck schumar thinks the federal goverment should pick up that tab. and hell yea whey will.
      But in 09 chuck schumar billed that military canine ppartan bring there partners home for adoption.

    • I actually sort of enjoyed myself! Golly Barkley’s Mom this summer when the snow stops flying and it is beautiful, you are “gonna have to flag a stagecoach down and catch a ride out this- a -way and we can follow the smoke signals of the Arapahoe across the mountain, I have a spare pair of shoes you can use and we can hobble, catch a ride , on a Greyhound ( bus) not the dog, and skip on over to Riverton to the prison and help those ole prison inmates, break a few Mustangs!!! Which is actually done to save the wild horse population from over grazing the area… there are several hundred running free in this Great ole Wild West!! look on line for wild horses of Wyoming!!! This ole ass , and I know your ole ass could still handle this type of work.. I read enough I can follow the signs!!! yup you all have a good night I have to go chop a little more wood so I don’t freeze tonight as it is snowing!!

    • Well, both the Name dropper for our Senate and the Dr. who has been there, done that, is that, and I am the most important VIP vet that has graduated since 1970 have one Hell of a lot of growing up to do and learning People skills .. The Super Vet reminds me of the elegant female vet in Texas who shot the feral cat with the bow and arrow… sometime in the latter part of 2016 ! golly my memory is starting to wander… ha … have a good night out there by you kiln…..

  3. Just hogtie Philip Damasi & Donna MacGregor and dump their useless butts in the nearest landfill with the rest of the trash. The judicial system will never give them the real justice they deserve.

  4. SO!!!! NOW what the HELL is the LAW ENFORCEMENT GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!! Turn their heads and let those bastards get another animal … I would venture they are alcoholics or drug addicts!!! THEY NEED TO NEVER!NEVER!NEVER! have access to another animal… IN THEIR WORTHLESS SCUM BAG LIVES!!!! BY ORDER OF THE LAW!!!

    • This is upper new york penny.
      They are black listed and will never be getting another dog, especially thru the shelter system. they are registered as animal offenders. when they try to adopt again they will be exposed thru backround checks
      This will follow them everywhere.Plus we are new yorkers, we drop a dime when animals and children are being abused.
      There neighbors know they are not to have a dog.
      Im glad both of there names have been publisied. What i would like to know is that is a purebread they just dont give them out as im sure you know since you are a dachshund owner and know the breed is a not your run of the mill dog.
      I wonder if they stole the dog.
      why was a shelter called. Why didnt they just return the pup back to who gave it too them.Who gave them the dog and are the other pups and the mom also being exploited?
      Inquiring minds need to know.

      • Well : I can agree with everything BUT the Upper New York BULL SHIT: Guess what ! even out WEST we have Subdivisions with Six to 15 Million Dollar ESTATES , Ranches worth 20 Million dollars, the people living there are Not different then those mere people like myself living in a mere five hundred thousand dollar ten acre tract! Just because You apparently think being above the average Joe Ms. Upper New York doesn’t make you ONE BIT BETTER and More Contrite then “US Down to Earth Poor FOKE”!!! Black or white , Red, Brown or Yellow!! with a few gray headed included!!!

      • Excuse is UPPER NEW YORK an Elitist , Socialist , Empire , that is above the rest of the ” average, everyday caring, person in the USA…Wyoming has Jackson Hole, Home of Harrison Ford, President “Dick” C. and numerous other Elitists too… put their shoes, cloths , on and defecate the same as normal people , oh yes, and poor people too . No different than Upper New York Good God Lady get a life or a new pair of silk panties!

      • Actually Penny I live in Upstate New York and not we are not any better than the rest of the country when it comes to animal abuse. We are the capital of the Amish Puppy Mill territory, If we get one shut down our legislators hand out two more licenses to open up more. Ellen is living in La La land if she thinks conditions are so much better in Upstate New York. I live here, I see it every day, When I contacted my US Congressman about the bill to pay for Military dog’s medical care in retirement I was told we had better things to use money for (he’s a republican by the way). And it’s the little people like me living on my social security that most likely gives more to the shelters than any of the so called “Upstate New York elitists” that ellen seems to be championing!

      • No,
        Upper New York Means up state NY, Near Albany, Near Canada,
        Utica , Its upstate NY
        What are you talking about?

      • Barkies Mom,
        Sorry your Soooo, Country.
        And you should really do something about you being the puppy mill capital of the world and all.

        what the hell are you talking about, champaigning for upper new york elitists!?And La La Land!?
        my refrance was upstate ny is farm and agriculture
        collage town.

        Im from Manahattan,
        Jack Ass

      • oh by the way
        New York State has a data base and both there names are on it i think you can wrap your head around it but if you cant ill stay on point.
        Thy Will Never Be Able To Get Their Hands On Another Adoptible Animal Again.
        So You can go la la land your bad mouthy self all the way to Ellenville.In Realty, NY
        That would be reality county.
        Down State,

      • They don’t need to get their hands on an “adoptable” pet. All they need to do is go to a flea market and buy a dog from a puppy mill or back yard breeder, “FOOL”

      • Tennesee,
        got it. then theres a reason you cant read. but your in NY now so theres no excuse. learn to read and comprehend. And mind your anger.
        It just makes you look stupid and weak and out of control.

      • I can’t read? Where did you get that I am from Tennessee? You are the one that needs to learn how to read, must be the schools in Manhattan aren’t getting enough support from the rest of the state! I was born and raised in New York State and except for the 15 years I lived in Tennessee when my husband was transferred there with work, have lived in New York State all my life! Guess what! The good people in Tennessee can read and write very well too! You seem to think if you don’t live in the wonderful world of Manhattan with your good buddies Schumer and Gillibrad (by the way their names should be capitalized) then we are all trailer trash in Upstate New York! Well think again! Take your holier than thou attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine, cause lady that is all it’s worth!

      • Now lets see here to Ms. Ellen Cottone( I at least had the courtesy to Capitalize the first and last name) something she doesn’t do. I am an old ass! to The esteemed Dr. of Animal Medicine I am nonsensesecial person, that just sits at home… Wow , now they have said that because they think I am from Tennessee I can’t read.. people that work for a living doing the best they can in animal control are morons, who can’t tell up from down and are basically stupid !! Miss cottone hob-knobs with some Senators ( Chuck Schumer, and Gillibrad) and Dr. Kathleen Drude is getting her own TV series on The Ass of Moronic people trying to save animals running against the series Dr. JON Pol has because she is the smartest and most elitist Pet Dr. in America!!! Stay tuned folks I know “This OLE ASS” will!!!

      • pennysdachshund, ellen cottone doesn’t know how to even spell or respond in a way that makes any sense. She accuses me of not being able to read and she can’t even read what I am writing and comprehend it To her I am “are you barefoot?sitting by the riverside ,making Pottery. In Woodstock NY” what does that even mean? She is obviously not worth wasting our time on,

      • yes and nationally they have been smeared with name and adress with their crime.
        so there friends, neibors and everyone around them will drop a dime on them.if a dog shows upp at their resident.
        Like i said in my original post.
        Cracker Jack.

      • I don’t even know what you are talking about : Tennessee What the Hell is that all about… I happen to be very well educated . Not from a New York Finishing School, but an accredited University and School of Nursing!! I actually graduated with an Award of Excellence! Thank You I am not from the “Back Wood’s “

      • Tennessee was directed at me, I lived there for 15 years when my husband got transferred there from New York State so of course that means I can’t read or write. Dealing with a real winner here!

    • The 2 of you cant read or comprehend very well.
      Thru your crazy rage glasses.
      And all the extra revealing and unplesent info about your self
      Silly old girls. You know what you guys need? To get up and out of the trailer. And get some fresh air.

      • Dear Ellen Cottone, read your own post, you are saying that these people won’t get away with this in Upstate New York. I very well DO live in Upstate New York, right between Rochester and Syracuse and have lived her sans 15 years in Tennessee all of my life! Yes these people will be able to get their hands on another dog in New York State if they so desire.I am not campaigning for Upstate New York Elitists in fact I said the opposite! And Upstate New Yorker’s are certainly not any better than any other people in any other state. YOU were the one claiming New York has better laws, and it DOES NOT. Your comments to me make absolutely NO sense what so ever. Not all of us in Upstate New York live in Trailers “Jack Ass” We are not all country hicks! I suppose you are holier than thou because you come from Manhattan, well La de da! Aren’t you just above the rest of us!

      • I can read quite well actually, and I comprehend you are being mean and nasty. The unpleasant extra information I revealed about my self is WHAT? Silly old girl, the pot calling the kettle black? I do not live in a “trailer” and I get plenty of fresh air with my 4 dogs. You make no sense what so ever.

      • You are so well versed about your State of New York , and how superior your are to the individual’s who may enjoy the making of crafts, and music. I know there are fabulous and international well known Medical facilities and Psychiatric Specialists there. Perhaps you would be interested in the endeavor of looking into some psychotherapy sessions!! It might be a worthy pastime for you to help you understand why you have to feel so superior and place elders, artists, and just plain ordinary individual’s ( as trailer trash) moronic, low class.. You are definitely a troubled young female .

  5. Christopher Thornton,

    How does it feel?
    to save a baby animal crying for help. I bet when you rolled into that dumpster and stunned to find a perfact little soul you showed your daughter and put the puppy in your jacket and rocked her and spoke sweet words of comfort and love. Im sure it was a chock up when you had to hand her over to athorities. I bet that night when you were alone you cried from overwheling pity and graditude for perfact timing.

    You probebly never imagineg that day you woke up you would be the catalist in a young dogs life and forever secure heroship by example to your daughter. I think the 3 of you will be forever intertwined. I think you have been reconnected to a dog you had in a previous life. So Christopher we are all hoping you will take oscar home.

    Christopher Thornton,
    On your first oscar!

  6. This is another example of the issues that arise when someone calls animal control! If animal control had responded the puppy would not have ended up in the trash! This time it worked out! How many times has it not worked out and the dog or cat has died!

    • Come ON!!! Don’t go and blame What these two ‘Worthless Scum Bag, Buzzard Dung , POS People” did to eliminate themselves of this lovely little fellow. The animal controls all over our NATION are in a crisis mode. ( working understaffed, over filled shelters, low wages, maximum hours already to attempt to keep with this horrific dumping of OUR NATION”S SO _CALLED BELOVED PET”S). These total inconsiderate, moronic , low-life Riff-Raff COULD HAVE taken a taxi, driven them selves ( if they were not intoxicated, drug induced piss ants) . actually walked , or called someone they knew to ACTUALLY TAKE THIS LITTLR GUY TO A SHELTER!!! WOW what a concept!!!! Yet they could walk down the stairs throw “A DEAD <BARKING < PUPPY INTO A TRASH BEN!!! The both should be Incinerated as the are a determent to Society!!! This dog was only saved because of a caring father & daughter!

      • This is in response to pennydachsund tell you what I’m in the thick of this everyday! Animal control in most towns is a joke! They have no training, they don’t know sick from abused they don’t know up from down! Now when you can be on the front lines of this war and rescue as many as i have and perform life saving surgery as many times as I have then you can speak about this issue!

      • Kathleen animal control is not reliable where I live. Most times we have to call the police on their business line (they don’t respond to 911 regarding animals) and only then do they call animal control for them to finally intervene.

    • Golly I forgot for a moment the Superiority Issue you have for individual’s with a somewhat lower education than you. being a Doctor of Animal Medicine ! You see my own Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Graduated after he fought for our United States in the Korean War. He went to school on the GI bill and actually came out West and practices still at almost 87 years old. He doesn’t live in a several million dollar house, or a clinic that will refuse to help a young couple who can’t afford to pay $1500.00 up front for life saving surgery on one of their animals. he still takes payments, and works out of his home clinic (somewhat like Dr. Jon Pol) . He is a caring, church going person, and I have never in the 47 years I have used him talk down about a working class person like you just posted about animal control officer’s in animal control. These people have a terrible job to do, most get not much more than minimal training, maybe YOU and YOU PIUS Counter parts should offer some of your prestigious training free to help animal control , rescues, individuals working to rescue, tell the difference between abuse and neglect, trauma issues, and some simple life saving techniques INSTEAD of STATING they DON”T KNOW UP FROM DOWN:::: U are So God Damn Conceited it is sickening… YOU think people should put you on an alter, even Priests don’t act like that!!

      • This is in response to pennysdachsand first you have no clue who I am! I travel all over the world rescuing animals out of horrific conditions! Second you nonsensesical person I give of my time freely to all rescue organizations with no charge! My expertise I share with any doctor who calls and has need of it! All I see you doing is spouting nonsense about everything and yet I don’t see you out here on the front lines! So to you I say be quiet about persons and subjects you know nothing about!

    • I don’t think Animal control is responsible for picking up unwanted pets from people who no longer want their pets, and we have no idea what was said to these people when they did call if it was even them. If they no longer wanted the dog then they should have driven to the shelter and dumped him there. Obviously that was too much work for them it was easier to dump the dog in the trash.

      • In response to Barkleys Mom you used the word dumped not me! In regards to them calling animal control you’re right I don’t know what was said! One of the things in the job discription for animal control is indeed picking up an unwanted animal!

      • Kathleen Drude: Yes maybe picking up a stray dog wandering the streets but these people were in the possession of the dog not a stray. And yes “dumped” what would you call what they did?

    • Kathleen after reading all the comments regarding the animal control issue I did speak with a few animal control officers around my area and they informed me that as long as someone who still has possession of an animal they no longer want they will not pick them up, but, will advise them to drop them off at a shelter. When I commented to you earlier I should have been more explicit about how I thought animal control was not reliable. I have called them in the past with concerns of stray dogs with no response. My last resort was to call the PD business line and it was only then that they would call ACO to intervene. Thankfully those stray dogs were brought to a no-kill shelter not far from where I live. Not sure if you have heard of it. It’s one of the largest no-kill shelters. Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, Ma,. . Many dogs from the south are brought there. They do a wonderful job placing all animals up for adoption. Back to the issue of the woman who called ACO Bill Pulaski I’m curious. They must have a phone system where they can trace who made the call. Hmmmmmm.

      • Pssssst.
        linda, I read this because it popped up on my computer.
        We’re all really quite funny here. We’re all talking something different at each other.
        My coffie came thru my nose.
        I thought you’d laugh your ass off also.early pet rescue report. We’re all trying to understand each other in 5 different directions.
        Classic stuff.

  7. I like the ideal of the landfill , why should tax payer have to pay to lock up these low life , uneducated , scum most likely crack smokers , who lost their pipe they are your typical trailer trash scum is this to much if so sorry this is how i feel about trash thank you

  8. HI back I dont give a rats ass in hell where they live if you are going to abuse an animal and throw it away like trash than I say tie them to a tree cut their toes off and fingers and let the forest animals have a free meal they need to be feed too, if you ask me if not so be it.


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