Deplorable: ‘A lot of dogs are in this condition’ police officer told angry neighbor

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“A lot of dogs are in this condition,” a San Benito, Texas police officer told a concerned and worried animal advocate after a neighbor reported starving and severely neglected dogs in deplorable conditions that had wandering the area searching for scraps of food to stay alive. Everyday the neighbor tries to help and feed the dogs, but their physical condition steadily deteriorates:

“They are emaciated, severely matted and barely surviving! The neighbor posted for help! The owners saw her post and got extremely upset,”  posted animal rescuer Leslie Ysuhuaylas. “The San Benito police was called and a report was made. Their response was ‘a lot of dogs are in this condition.’ They think this is acceptable! These dogs are dying slowly! These dogs need to be taken away! For them to think this is okay is the exact reason why there are so many neglect and abuse cases in the Rio Grande Valley! Please help get these dogs out of this house! There are three dogs in this house all in the same pathetic condition.”

According to local contacts, the only shelters in the area are high-kill facilities. There is, however interest from a local rescue group, but authorities need to cooperate; private citizens or rescue organizations can not just steal someone’s dog(s). As of this time, the owners have not agreed to surrender the dogs. Advocates are encouraged to call:

San Benito Police: (956)361.3880
Report number: 201700017724

Follow the discussion on Facebook by clicking here. Please share the plight of these desperate dogs with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Should a rescue organization step up to help with the assistance and permission of local authorities, funds will be needed to help with veterinarian costs and rehabilitation.

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(Photo of dog in deplorable condition via Leslie Ysuhuaylas)

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10 replies
  1. vicki hood says:

    Threaten ( and maybe carry out) a citizen’s arrest. Old law but still working. Check it out. Don’t do it alone. Bring camera. Record all. Tell owners you will sit on the curb and wait for the police to come to take them away in handcuffs. Another option these owners might be offered is they can give you the dogs and their supply so you don’t have to have them arrested. Please look up Citizen’s arrest. Ever watch LAPD? Incidents of CA are often on that show. Keep me posted. I would love to help whomever takes these innocents. They look just awful and suffering. Not fair.

  2. vicki hood says:

    Should have talked of charges. Animal cruelty (degree decided i would say 1 2 and 3) neglect. Causing pain etcetera . Ask someone in law for suggestions so you can quote possible sentences/ fines.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Streets in various parts of Texas have a lot of stray dogs wandering around, trying to find food and have basically been cast off by their supposed owner. It’s an area called the Corridor and it well known as a dumping ground for unwanted pets. Redland, Florida is an area where people drop their unwanted dogs and drive off to let their pet fend for themselves. There are rescues and caring people who try to get these dogs adopted, but not easy to do, but they try, and sometimes successful. Why the states don’t impose mandatory spay/neutering for any pets (with or without owners) is beyond me. If they could control the strays maybe this epidemic of dogs who have become sick because they were cast off, wouldn’t continue to happen. We humans need to do the best we can for these unwanted animals.

  4. ellen cottone says:

    they need free dog food. and to be watched. this is cheaper then removing them if there are no humane shelters

  5. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    They need to get off their asses and go save those dogs!!! This is NOT NORMAL and this has got to be investigated and the Owners need to be thrown in Jail!!!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    So it is illegal to steal an animal that is starving, being neglected and a concerned person is supposed to stand there and watch some scumbag treat any animal so poorly – NOT HARDLY – again, Texas is such an inhumane state and its authorities turn a blind eye to animal cruelty – good Samaritans are trying to help these poor dogs and are being ignored. These so called ‘owners’ are criminals and these dogs need to be taken away ASAP – not by one of Texas’ KILL SHELTERS – to a rescue group that will help them, not kill them. This is deplorable – way to go Texas.

  7. Cynthia Como says:

    The mere fact that these poor suffering dogs can’t be legally seized because of their physical condition is absolutely outrageous and unacceptable! The authorities just don’t give a shit……PERIOD!!!!!! And yes I know animal cruelty is rampant everywhere BUT there are a select few states that stand out above the rest in terms of the lack of laws,enforcing the existing laws,the extent of the cruelty inflicted,and the amount of incidents that happen and Texas is one of them! And yes there are wonderful rescues there but they can’t help if the abused and suffering are permitted to stay with the abusers and that is where the anger and outrage comes in to play! I do not believe for one damn second that the authorities can’t seize these dogs based on their condition they just don’t give a shit!! The cases of animal cruelty is over the top in Texas,Florida,and the Carolinas,and Georgia! SMH

  8. Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    Mexicans don’t look at animals as sentient, feeling beings. They don’t take basic care of the pets they have and abandon them without a second thought. It’s a very primitive culture,

  9. Perry Perry says:

    Texas were do we being!!
    Am from Tx and I travel to Tex. every two months to help rescue furbabies and am so sick of people Treating them like garbage!!!
    Something has to be done and now!!
    The lower part of this Region Is a mess too many folks on educated on wanting to Spain neuter!
    And the problem gets bigger and bigger and the folks that live there expect for everyone else I want the country to come and rescue the animals from there.
    It is pathetic that many people who live in the valley don’t give a damn crap about this innocent babies..
    It also comes and fall on top of the mayor and the authority to step up and do something!!
    Just like Phoenix poor baby was burned and nothing is being done it’s going to be swept under the rug and they are going to walk away with the damage They did to this poor baby!!

    The valleys never going to change it so corrupt it and so many ways and people don’t give a two cents about anything down there!!!


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