Naked woman sets kitchen on fire, tries to stab fireman after trying to cook a cat

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A naked woman in Tucson, Arizona has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, arson of an occupied structure and animal cruelty and abuse. Ebony Hurndon, 41, tried to cook her cat when she set the kitchen on fire and then attempted to stab a fireman.

According to the, on Friday, October 6, the Tucson Fire Department had been called to a fire at an apartment in the 4300 block of East 29th Street. When firemen entered the apartment, Hurndon came out brandishing a knife and allegedly tried to stab the captain in the chest. The captain’s thick fire coat was able to thwart the sharp blade without injuring the officer. The Tucson Police Department arrived in a few minutes while Hurndon continued to threaten everyone around her.

The police used an electronic stun gun to stop the woman. The fire which started from the stove was extinguished. Sadly, the cat did not survive.

(Photo of naked woman who tried to cook a cat via Tucson Police Department)

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  1. Lock her up and throw away the key. Let the inmates take care of her.What a waste of life and taxpayers will end up paying for her incarceration. No one knew she was like this?

  2. Once again I’m left speechless! Probably another useless, sicko crack head with an innocent pet paying the price! I shudder to think what other horror she inflicted on this poor kitty before this incident! LOCK THIS SEWER SCUM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY!

  3. EVIL BITCH!!!! Enough of these fuckers roaming free. Stab this bitch then set her ass on fire and let the sick cunt .. BURN!!!!

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    Low class pig I hope you die a horrible death I hope kitty is saved I pray for him tsken away from this evil asshole & in a safe place bgarabedian

  5. Ebony Hurndon needs to be put in a straitjacket and dumped in some psychiatric facility – she is a danger to animals and humans and has proven it – she murdered a cat, attacked a fireman and continued her psycho threats to others. This bitch should NEVER be allowed in society again.

  6. There is a place in hell for this p.o.s. woman. Too bad they couldn’t have just shot her on the spot. She probably wouldn’t even make good compost. Rest in peace little cat. There is a place for you in heaven.


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