Bald eagle spotted eating a black cat on busy city sidewalk

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In Norfolk, Virginia a bald eagle was spotted on Tuesday  eating a black cat on a busy sidewalk along Monticello Avenue. Joshua Phelps posted several photos and two videos on his Facebook page of the seemingly made for a scary movie Halloween scene.

“Pull over on the side of Granby Street couldn’t believe what I was seeing bald eagle eating a cat,” Joshua wrote.

According to Joshua’s timeline, the eagle was spotted at 2:33 in front of Advance Auto Parts. The eagle seemed unfazed by pedestrians in the area, although everyone kept their distance and were equally sure he was keeping a close eye on the pedestrian traffic. No one interrupted him while he picked the skin and bones apart of the dead cat for the next 45 minutes. According to the PilotOnline, the store manager Bobby Rafalski did say the first call to his store on Wednesday morning was a crying woman who had been looking for her missing black cat.

“There’s a lot of cats around here. I just tried to reassure her that it probably wasn’t hers,” he said.


The eagle was described as more than two feet long from head to tail and stood around a foot and a half tall. No one shared any information as to the cat’s death. Was he hit be a car and the eagle dragged his body off for lunch or had the eagle swooped down and killed it? Cat owners are urged to keep their pets indoors.

The photos and videos have been shared more than 17,000 times. Photos and videos of bald eagle via Facebook and Joshua Phelps.

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6 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    Yet another great reason to keep your cats indoors. Horrible way for them to die if the cat was alive when the eagle got him.

  2. jeanette says:

    what is the problem. the cat most likely got hit by a car and died, then the eagle decided, dinner time. leave the eagle alone.

    • ellen cottone says:

      you got it Janet, hit by a car.
      eagles are high end predators and people will argue but they are also scavengers.
      If the eagle grabbed the cat it would be feeding its family with the carcass in its nest.
      personally I am offended by the article. its pointless and ment to play with our emotions.
      I protest pet rescue for this insult.
      there as an old western saying that I am not sure I k ow the true , full meaning.

      “even buzzards, have to eat ”
      The article is in poor taste.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    I don’t care that people say “nature’s cycle”…… my cats are like my children and I wouldn’t wish “death by eagle” on ANY of them….. my enemies….. well yes…..

    OMG: poor kitty. My cats have always been “strictly indoors” precisely to avoid predators (animal, avian AND human), fights with other cats, hit by cars…..

    If that were MY cat, I would hsve been completely hysterical….. I am VERY sorry for this woman (& her lost kitty)…… It’s not always the pet owner’s fault that an animal is “loose”……sometimes other household members (or workers in the house) let animals out due to careless behavior and the animal pays for this carelessness with its life……

    Household members receive serious disciplinary action for carelessness around furbabies (some inlaws are actually banned from ever staying in our home again for being careless around our furbabies with bad consequences for our furbabies)…..

    I have fired people who let out my animals (when they were locked up in a back bedroom after I specifically told the people that this room was to be left alone)….. Now I have commercial locks on all bedroom and closet doors, rooms are locked up and sometimes animals are even boarded at veterinary office to avoid this horrible situation with workers in my house…….

    • ellen cottone says:

      cats were never ment to live out doors. any out door cat is the result of human abandonment.
      unlike wild animals are not equipped with the physical means to adapt and make shelter.
      a chipmunk is better adapted to live out doors even a rabbit.
      they can’t build,dig or make a nest or den. cats
      they just suffer and become food.
      what are we going to do about it now!?
      I’m sick of the sight of stray cats looking at me looking at them and them being to scared to come to me because of other humans cruelty

  4. Shirley Walter says:

    Eagles often eat carrion when they cannot get their natural food. Quite sure the eagle did NOT kill the cat. People concerned about their cats should keep them off the streets. Be glad the cycle of life is happening and that the cat wasn’t just continually squashed by more cars.


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