Video shows man roasting a puppy over a fire

Man accused of roasting puppy over a fire

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A man in China was caught on video roasting a live puppy over a fire. According to Thursday’s publication of the Daily Mail, the man was confronted by a group of people after the video was viewed by a dog-lover who decided to find him.

The woman, who goes by Ms. Jin, viewed the disturbing video on WeChat, an Asian social media platform, on October 18 – she decided to try to find the worker at the Jiujiang Power Supply Station, where he was reported to work. Ms. Jin was accompanied by several other dog owners who all went to the factory to confront the man about the cruel incident.

The man admitted to the heinous deed and told the animal lovers that he roasted the puppy because he likes to eat dog meat. The puppy in the video was not the first dog to be killed by the man, who admitted to killing another canine in the same manner.

The factory worker allegedly apologized for killing the puppy and vowed now to do so again. According to PETA Asia, there are no laws in China to protect dogs and cats from animal cruelty.

(Image screenshot via Daily Mail)

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8 replies
  1. Patricia Green says:

    All those people over there in China, should be shot!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t let me come across from one of those POS’S!!!

  2. J. Martin says:

    Disgusting cold, evil FUCKERS. He’ll never do it again? Bullshit .. those people will always do that kind of sick crap. How you stop them from doing it .. is .. DO IT TO THEM!!!!!!

  3. Westcoast says:

    Ah same old racist comments. Did you read the story. Activists in China …yes finest people, are responsible for uncovering these heinous activities and organizing against them. They are committing far braver acts than a bunch of racist sitting in their armchairs, calling for entire groups of human beings to be tortured and killed.

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Agree with you. Not all Chinese people eat dogs. Not all Chinese people would be so cruel as to roast ANY animal alive…… YES, there are cruel, disgusting individuals EVERYWHERE (even in the USA)……

      I have Chinese relatives who are animal rescuers and they would NEVER do such a horrible thing to ANY animal…..

      We can probably all agree that this useless POS deserves a horrible, agonizing, terrible death for his cruelty. Also, we can probably all agree that after his death (hopefully ASAP) that he has a special place in Hell reserved for him where he will burn forever for his cruelty…..

      This disgusting POS deserves to be roasted alive (see how much he enjoys the experience)……

      Sadly, this POS is not unique (have to deal with reality)….. until animal protection laws are strengthened everywhere (even in the USA), are actually enforced and punishments are severe, we will continue to have POSs’ with extreme cruelty, treating animals purely as inanimate objects…..

      RIP precious puppy (& all others murdered by this POS)….. hopefully the POS who murdered you so cruelly will suffer a horrible, terrifying and agonizing death…… that would be Justice!!!!!!!

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    A prime candidate for the wood chipper. I applaud Ms. Jin and the others who confronted this hunk of maggot puke – more people like them are needed to stand up for the innocent animals who are treated so poorly in this hell hole of a country.

  5. Red says:

    So, OK…they look at dogs as we look at cattle. HOWEVER, why can they not kill it humanly instead of torturing it to death!?!??!? BECAUSE THEY ARE SICK AND DEMENTED!


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