Bald eagle perches atop fire truck during September 11 tribute

Perhaps one of the most revered symbols of America, a bald eagle swooped in and perched atop a fire truck during a Twin Cities, Minnesota tribute to the heroes, victims and families of September 11.… Read More

U.S. government wanted man who killed bald eagle with ATV to go to prison

On Monday, Allen Thacker, 62, was sentenced, however there will be no jail despite the United States government arguing he deserved time in federal prison for shooting a bald eagle and then running it over … Read More

Bald eagle spotted eating a black cat on busy city sidewalk

In Norfolk, Virginia a bald eagle was spotted on Tuesday  eating a black cat on a busy sidewalk along Monticello Avenue. Joshua Phelps posted several photos and two videos on his Facebook page of the … Read More

Texas teen charged with shooting and killing bald eagle

In Harris County, Texas, a 17-year-old teenager is out on bail after allegedly shooting and killing a bald eagle. On Wednesday, Orlando David Delgado faced charges for hunting without the landowner’s consent after shooting a … Read More