Badly wounded street dog: From hurt to healed

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In an area of Udaipur, India where a street dog is a common sight and neighbors often rally to feed and help them, one particularly shy dog had been seen with a gaping wound on the top of his head. When the rescue team of Animal Aid Unlimited arrived, the handsome young male dog was extremely timid and although he desperately wanted the treats offered to him by rescuer Ganpat, he was too nervous to get close enough to accept them. Over and over Ganpat tried to approach, but the frightened pup wouldn’t get close enough to be captured.

The wound was huge – infected and crawling with maggots, the team knew if they didn’t capture the dog they dubbed Jay, that he would soon die as a result of the infection. Whenever Gampat came close enough to give Jay the offered cookies, the trembling dog would shake his head every few seconds in dire agitation – shaking away the flies and how painful the wound must have been. And when it became a life and death situation, rescuers decided to use a net to capture Jay.

Once netted, Jay flew into a panic, but the gentle words and the soft strokes soon calmed him down. Once transported to the shelter, the real work began. The dog’s wound was cleaned and a powder applied to kill the maggots. After several hours, the bandages were removed – the maggots had died, and it was time to address the seriousness of the wound; suspected to have been caused by a dog bite. Jay was sedated as the wound was cleaned, debrided, closed and bandaged.

And then it was time for Jay to recover….

“This adorable boy’s life-threatening wound on his head would have killed him if we hadn’t been able to rescue him. It hurt, and he was deeply agitated—he wouldn’t let us touch him—but he was hungry too, and his eagerness for biscuits gave us the chance we needed. 6 weeks of daily wound dressings later, meet sparkling Jay today.”

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(Photos and video of street dog rescued courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited)




Follow Jay’s amazing journey – Six weeks later and look at him today:

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  1. Helen says:

    Thank you rescuers!!! However, without those maggots he would have had a worse infection that may have spread.


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