Three dogs in Cross Lake found viciously tortured: One puppy’s muzzle taped and beaten

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There’s an animal abuser loose in Cross Lake, Manitoba, and area residents want the culprit caught and taken off the streets. Three dogs have been found seriously tortured and abused.  The neighborhood nightmare began on March 26, when Freddie Sinclair let his six-month-old border collie out to relieve herself just before the family retired to bed. This time, however the pup named Shadie didn’t return as she did every other night. Sinclair and his wife searched for his dog that night, but she never showed up.

According to the CbcNews, the next morning Shadie was found by a carpenter down the street who had been working at a job site:

“He told her to come right away, because (her puppy), her mouth is taped shut with packaging tape, and also her neck is taped up with electrical tape,” described Sinclair.

Shadie’s muzzle had been wrapped tightly with layers of tape. She had a huge wound on the side of her flank area, had trouble walking, suffered from a puncture hole in her abdomen, suffered wounds on her face and eyes, and it also appeared as if her tail had been pulled so hard, it was almost “pulled out.” It was obvious the dog had been tortured. Shadie was rushed to emergency care where she underwent surgery and remained at the hospital for days.

Shadie wasn’t the only dog, that same night who met up with unimaginable torture and abuse. That night a four-month-old husky named Bailey, who was being cared for, just a few houses away from Shadie, disappeared from her fenced yard. The next morning Bailey was found lying near the porch.

“She looked a little groggy, and a little puffed face,” stated the dog’s owner, “so we got her on a plane and flew her out to us.”

When Bailey arrived home in Winnipeg and was taken to the vet, the puppy had suffered from blunt force trauma and broken vertebrae. The dog was very traumatized.

And then another egregious situation occurred on March 28. This time it happened at the same place where Shadie was found. The large husky was owned by another neighbor, and the poor pooch had suffered wounds to his neck and mouth; there was blood all over. That dog has been treated and is now available for adoption at the Thompson Humane Society.

As of now, there have been no arrests, however the RCMPin Cross Lake has been investigating. The dogs have slowly been recovering, but these families want justice before a human is hurt.

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(Photos of three dogs in Cross Lake abused and tortured screenshots via CBC News)

27 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If I were a pet owner in that area, I would be terrified. i’m sure they are all keeping a close eye on their pets. The worst part is this POS will most certainly escalate to humans. I hope he is found soon!

  2. Julie Lightfoot says:

    Omg this evil monster must be found and get jail time, no animal is safe while they are free this is blatant cruelty absolutely heartbreaking for these poor animals and their families

  3. Diana Moore says:

    what the fuck is wrong with people today? Getting off on abusing animals is very sick and disturbing. What goes around ..comes around mother fuckers!!

  4. Red says:

    UHHH…. DO NOT LET YOUR DOGS OUT without you, or without a leash. Why even take the chance? Yes, dogs love to run and roam, but we as their guardians have to know what they want is not always best for them. Until this sadistic MONSTER is caught, do not allow your dogs out without you!!!!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    If I lived in that area I would be sitting out every night with a shotgun and roaming the streets looking for this maggot – so help me, these people ought to band together and start a hunt – this skank bag needs to get a vicious dose of street justice.

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    This is becoming a Trend all over the World!!! Is this being inspired by those that want to become ISIS members ? The torture is beyond EVIL and our law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and citizens have to pull together with resources, information, manpower, to curtail the Torture and Abuse,,, Just watch next we are going to see children, handicapped , elders, and individual’s with mental disabilities, in the same condition our beloved animal’s are… THIS IS NOT A ISOLATED INCIDENT!!!! THIS IS A GROUP < A NETWORK OF RADICAL CRIMINAL BEINGS THAT ARE DOING THIS!!!

    • Helen says:

      It’s not a trend. Since internet we have become more alert of animal abuse! Animal abuse has been occurring for years. We have seen it now!!!!

    • Donna Rodriguez says:

      I agree with you penny,,, somethings up…ive BEEN thinking about this for a while now and its just like you say… well, I pray that nomore get hurt or mine either but, I know one thing. I will not sleep untill i catch the m/d who ever hurts my dog. I never let her out of my sight for no reason. I let her out to go potty and I’m right there with her. She’s done , we go inside. We go for walks every day but, just because of some of the bigger dogs that might try to get her I keep her right where I can see her. Then, I have my other lil friend in my pocket just incase….. ya know

  7. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Il faut vite trouver se consanguin et lui faire subir les mêmes souffrances qu’il a fait à ces pauvres bébés et le laisser crever. S’est un danger pour la société, un parasite et les parasites on les élimine. Pas de pitié pour les barbares.

  8. Sue says:

    Very important for the public to keep their dogs and other animals inside or with them on a lead at all times.
    If the culprit of this abuse attempts to strike again, he should be met with deadly force. Perhaps a machete to slice him up in pieces and feed to wild wolves. The evil deeds he has performed will circle around to torture and destroy him.

  9. Cristen McConville says:

    Ok ~ Redundancy ~ again… WHY ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE LEAVING THEIR PETS OUTSIDE & UNATTENDED ~ ESPECIALLY KNOWING THIS IS GOING ON???? Stay with your pets!!!!! It’s only for a few minutes!!! I think people can spare a few minutes for their family members to make sure they stay safe!!!!! I hope they catch this pos & do whatever he/she has done to these dogs!!!

  10. Deb Havener says:

    The people of Cross Lake should band together and hunt this creep down. Install cameras, start a neighborhood watch, take shifts driving at various hours. Looks like this serial abuser strikes at night. He (or she) needs to be taken off the streets. The city of Milwaukee has a guide for starting a block watch. There’s also…/HowToStartABlockWatch.htm….

  11. Donna Rodriguez says:

    Omg!!!! I would set this asshole up. I would wait up all night every night to catch this evil person.. or just have all neighbors in that neighborhood stay up and, see who’s out creeping around , up to no good. Then whoever they catch , run um past the dogs that were hurt, they’ll let you know if their the ones who did this or not… they’ll either want to attack them or they will act very afraid of them. Then, I wouldn’t call the call the cops , I’d call on the Lord to have mercy on this assholes soul then I’d have at it. Then throw his ass in the lake or back under the rock he crawled out from….fuck that… why, or what is happening with the world now days. Sooo many are hurting the animals EVERYWHERE…….WHY . . ? I THINK SATIN IS NOW WALKING AMONGST US HERE ON EARTH AND HE’S HAVING HIS LIL EVIL MONSTERS DOING THIS… THIS HAS GOTTEN SO OUR OF HAND EVERYWHERE…. SOMETHINGS UP.

  12. Cynthia Como says:

    Now would be a good time for Canada to change their laws and up the crime of animal cruelty from the usual slap on the wrist to a felony with significant punishment! Reading way too many appalling animal cruelty crimes with a fine being the only punishment when they appear before a judge! My God how is this crime ever going end when there is NO PUNISHMENT????????

  13. Melissa Stamps says:

    Earth Angels it is no longer to safe to leave your Animals alone. Even in your own yards or land.
    Look at them as small toddlers who cannot be left unattended.Would you leave your small children
    alone outside or tie them up outside stores or restaurants?
    They cannot defend themselves. You are responsible for their safety. PLEASE love and protect
    so they are not brutalized and tortured. They trust us to take care of them


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