Abandoned mother dog discovered lying on top of trash bag containing her dead puppy

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In rural southeast Dallas, Dowdy Ferry Road has become a dumping ground for abandoned dogs from their irresponsible owners.  Tragically the area has become the sad reality for the canine victims of animal cruelty or the ones simply not wanted anymore. When a heartless owner abandoned Edessa, a young mother dog, after stuffing her dead puppy in a trash bag, the dog’s maternal instincts kicked in; she carried her tiny offspring everywhere she went while scavenging for food. And in that area, the depressed but loyal dogs sit by the roadside, waiting for their families to return; during this time of utter confusion and desperation so many of them wander out onto the highway and are hit by cars.

Earlier this week,  Edessa was found lying on top of a garbage bag. The underweight dog was covered in ticks; the bag she protected smelled like death. And in the bag were the remains of her decomposed puppy – his jaw with baby teeth and pieces of his tiny coat. Edessa was one of the lucky ones; an animal rescuer discovered her, and did everything she could to ensure her safety when she brought her to Dallas Animal Services. Unfortunately Tuesday was to be Edessa’s last breath; the shelter was packed, and this girl was scheduled to be euthanized.

“Today, I met that lady who cried when I came there to save Edessa. No dog should endure the horror of carrying her dead decomposing puppy around in a plastic bag; still her mothering instincts trying to help her baby. Edessa is now safe at the vet getting the needed medical attention she deserves, grooming out the smell of her rotting puppy from her fur that was stained with decomposed blood and flesh as she laid on her to protect her,” posted Robin Linn, president of Safe In Texas Animal Rescue on her Facebook page.

According to Robin,  two-year-old Edessa has been administered Bravecto after more than 100 ticks were removed. So far her blood work has been normal, and she has been receiving medication to help with any potential tick infestation complications; she has tested negative for Ehlichia.

A foster home is still needed for this Edessa. Thus far her vet bills have added up to $400. To donate to her care, please Paypal through rescuemetx@gmail.com.

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(Photos of mother dog Edessa via Leslie Ysuhuaylas and Relle Austin)

Video of rescue work for Edessa:

Posted by Relle Austin on Tuesday, June 27, 2017


14 replies
  1. ellen cottone says:

    Well Texas,
    Why don’t you turn the dowdy ferry rd killing feilds into the new dowdy ferry rd , animal shelter?
    Think of the lives saved, the money saved, the precious animals granted sanctuary to cry their abandoned hearts out.
    Think of the car accidents that in danger dog and human..
    Cut the grass off the dam area, pave it put large and obvious cameras.
    put a large sign out that says.
    Bring us your unwanted, unloved .
    No questions asked,
    No judgment,
    We provide sanctuary for the deserving.
    You find the money Texas.
    You find the away to get local businesses to donate the materials, to donate the man power.
    You make a call out to your community and sit back and watch your people come forward.
    You put some people on the road I don’t care if it’s a security guard until you get a 4 walls and a roof up.

    How many more dead bodies and dog’s waiting by the roadside are you going to allow.
    How many more mothers and children will you alow to suffer?
    The slow and agonizing painful death, of depraved indifferance.?

    • pennysdachshund says:

      YOU know this actually Makes Sense!!!! Governor Greg Abbott 1-512-463-1782 give him a call!!! Texass NEEDS to CLEAN UP: IT”S ACT. I BELIEVE THEY STILL Belong in the UNITED STATES!!! If that STATE Continues the way they are going with Torture , Abuse, Maiming, Neglect, continuous killing ,,, maybe the Alamo should be dismantled and the State Be Given back to Mexico since is it being Run the SAME AS MEXICO …. it becomes worse on a daily basis…Former Governor George W Bush loved dogs.. ( Barney) was a Top Member of the White House and they ADOPTED a little Dog when they returned!!! Maybe they would become a part of making right the horrible conditions down there… George might be tired of painting by now…HA

    • Robyn Linn says:

      Dowdy Ferry is a huge road, most of it rural and treed. Even if you did build another shelter there, Dallas takes in over 100 dogs a day..one day topped out at 199. How many days do you think this shelter would be open before it was full?

    • Jill kurth says:

      That’s an amazing idea!!!!! Just terrific to help turn this from a road of terror and pain to. One of healing and adoption!!! You should start a Go Fund Me page to start the ball rolling…… i am sure a lot would donate!!!!!

  2. Elaine Briden says:

    Awh my god thats so sad. I just want to start killing these fuckers that commit cruelty to animals. Soon people will start getting their own revenge on these monsters, i can’t wait

  3. Dana says:

    Figures, Texas like China has horrible animal protection laws, you get a slap on the hand and a small fine if and that’s if your even convicted.. Backward Bumpkins, I know I lived there for 8 years and saw plenty of it with my own 2 eyes. I’m donating to this precious heartbroken Mama, just a small amount so please if we all would, it will sure help save her precious deserving life. I’m also making a phone call to the Governor!

    • pennysdachshund says:

      Good I am also going to follow up with a letter suggesting he look at the number of Animals from HIS state of TEXASS because he it the tip DOG NOW and he has a responsibility to try and make things better…


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