92 Yorkies rescued by San Diego Humane Society from hoarding situation

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The San Diego Humane Society Humane Law Enforcement rescued 92 Yorkies and Yorkie mixed breed dogs on Friday that had been living in unsanitary conditions at a residence in the North Country. According to the organization’s social media release, the Special Response Team rushed to the location, removed the dogs and transported them to the San Diego campus where veterinarians are examining the dogs and providing necessary medical attention.Yorkie rescue SD3

“We always dread seeing a situation like this. It’s tragic for the animals and often for the people involved. But when this happens, our first response is always for the animals. In this case nearly 80 of them. We want to get them away from a dangerous situation as quickly and compassionately as possible-both for the animals and the people involved,” said Dr. Gary Weitzman, president and CEO for San Diego Humane Society.

According to Stephen MacKinnon, Chief of Humane Law Enforcement for the San Diego Humane Society, the dogs were owned by an elderly couple who reached out for help – obviously the situation had become completely out of control. The dogs are all receiving care at this time. Follow their progress on the organization’s Facebook page. After receiving medical treatment, vaccinations and behavior assessments, many of the dogs are hoped to be placed for adoption.

To help with this rescue effort, donations can be made by clicking here.Yorkie rescue SD5

(Photos of Yorkies rescued courtesy of SDHS)








Video of the rescue effort can be viewed here:

#92Yorkies Update at Midnight

Posted by San Diego Humane Society on Saturday, January 21, 2017

32 replies
  1. linda says:

    How very sad. The couple obviously thought they were doing a good deed, however, the outcome was certainly not good for the fur babies.

    • Maxine Bass says:

      Hello I am 59yrs young w allergy, but not to Yorkies. I live alone and seeking a companion. This Yorkies story touch my heart. I am going to continue to follow this story, my nice warm loving home is open for more LOVE. HERE I AM *.* maxinebass44@gmail.com

      • Connie Sage says:

        I have a 2yr.old ,healthy fixed male that I cannot care for anymore due to an injury to my back that I would love to give to someone who will want him. He has lived alone with me and would be excellent for an older woman. He is very loyal and has brought me a great deal of pleasure but I will be going into assisted living and cannot care for him. Please contact me ,if interested ,SOON!!
        Thank you-Connie Sage @facebook or toledocon@yahoo.com

  2. Linda M Alvarez says:

    Im a yorkie lover i do everything possible for my dogs and i just can’t bare to read how 92 where not treated properly like omg theres many foundations that will care for your dogs vaccine spay neuter flea treatment and many more options free of charge and or low fee i webt to lucy foundation where they fixed my dogs for free and gave me meds and the cone free of charge… ????

    • Ruby says:

      Yes very sad we have 2 beautiful Yorkies as well and 2 Yorkies mixed with pom and there my life I love them so much and they are like my children since my kids are grown up now I have these little ones an they mean so much to me. When I go any where there normally with me unless I have to go in stores longer than 5 min. They sleep with me all of them in our bed also and they get so much attention and love:)

  3. Katia Rivera says:

    I wish unfortunately! !I don’t have economic solvent! And beside y have a Yorkshire too and Maltese.
    But thanks God they are save…and I hope their home new get comfortable and loved. ..Oh and don’t gonna be sacrifice I hope so..because they the same rights to live like us…I’m very concert for them. …I’ll pray for them. ..

  4. Mariantha Harris says:

    Hi, I’m in New York and own one very spoiled loving Brier Teacup Yorkie. …who would love a play mate!!! Let me know if this is possible?
    I’m sorry, buty there’s no excuse for any type of abuse towards animals!!!????????????

  5. Hope Miller says:

    My guess is that they will be rehomed for around $500 each through different rescues…. it is never free….. always $300 plus if it is a healthy middle age dog. Younger ones 4 or less years of age, are usually rehomed for around $500. First they will medically treat them, probably move them to foster care to individually assess each one and them post them up for adoption. People thinking that they would just like to adopt them for free….. that is not how it happens.

    • linda says:

      Prices differ from each rescue. Besides how else do you think the spaying, neutering, vaccines and medical issues are going to be paid? If you think of it anyone who adopts these dogs are paying for services that every pet owner is responsible for for owning a pet.

  6. Kathy Crawford says:

    I would be very happy to add one of these babies to my family when they’re ready to find their fur-ever homes. I live in Mass. & I’m hoping you’ll be transporting (for an extra fee of course). I’ve wanted a yorkie for a long while but would prefer to adopt, not shop.

  7. Debbie says:

    Poor little fur babies. it is very sad for them to be living in such poor conditions. I am sure that they will be adopted to loving homes. I already have 2 bichons or else I would have adopted one of these sweet yorkies.

  8. Ria says:

    I had a precious yorkie for 14 yrs n they are my favorite breed.. They are smart n do not like to live in filth..I am sooo tired of hearing about these cases n the excuses that are made for these people that do this..I am sorry but if you’re a sane person you have to know at some point that you’re way in over your head..Let’s call it what it is and it’s “ANIMAL ABUSE”..The fact that these poor babies were living in filth, feces, urine and infested with parasites is disgusting and dispicable..That’s TOTAL NEGLECT..Let’s stop making excuses for these people and enabling them..Alot of them are just plain lazyyyy..They stop giving a crap about what their homes look like n thats fine with me but do the right thing for those innocent animals that are totally dependent on you..It’s absolutely heart breaking to see them in those conditions..

  9. Lou Dudley says:

    I would love a York they are one of a kind. I really don’t understand how any could hurt a little dog or thing for that fact. If anyone how to become a owner of a yorkie in NC. Please call


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