Couple fatally shoot older dogs and try to bury the five puppies alive

In Goldsboro, North Carolina animal cruelty officers from  Wayne County Animal Control rescued five puppies after their owners tried to bury them alive.  After the couple shot the older dogs, they dug a grave, and place the tiny ones in the grave to bury the five puppies alive.

“They had already been placed on top of the deceased, and was fixing to be covered,” stated animal control officer James Smith to News10. “I took the two adult animals out of the hole, the dirt, bagged them, and then I took custody of the puppies.”

A neighbor had called deputies after seeing headlights behind an abandoned farmhouse. Deputies found a gun in the farmhouse believed to have killed the bigger parent dogs. Authorities arrested Marquise Christopher Johnson and Emily Ann Gray. Each have been charged with five counts of animal cruelty. Additional charges could be levied, depending on the results of the necropsies of the two dead dogs. Johnson faces an additional firearms charge.

The puppies are currently in the care of Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education Center. There are three males and two females. Fortunately, the three-week-old puppies were able to be placed with a surrogate mother who had been nursing them.  Volunteers are able to nurse the pups with baby bottle if needed. The shelter is hoping a rescue organization can pitch in to help; the puppies won’t be ready for adoption until mid-February.

(Photos of couple trying to bury the five puppies alive screenshots via News10.)