Owner sentenced to prison in starving dog cannibalism case

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A Headland, Alabama dog owner has been sentenced to six years in prison for starving six dogs resulting in cannibalism as one dog attacked another out of starvation. According to the Dothan Eagle, Quenton Eugene Mathis, 26, pleaded guilty to six charges of animal cruelty on Thursday.

On December 1, 2015, authorities from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department accompanied Henry County Department of Human Resources to the home of Eugene and his wife, Ashley Nicole Mathis, 26, to take custody of their 4-year-old son. No one was home, however authorities found four emaciated pit bulls tied to four different trees tethered with heavy chains making it nearly impossible for the dogs to walk or move. Inside the home, deputies found the half-eaten carcass of another dog with one healthy dog nearby who had resorted to killing and eating the other dog to survive. The remains of a chicken was also found. 

After an investigation, authorities discovered the family moved out of their home three weeks prior and left the six dogs and chicken behind. None of the animals had food or water for weeks. The couple were found living at a relative’s home. Ashley Nicole Mathis  faces similar charges.

Circuit Court Judge Larry Anderson sentenced Mathis to one year in prison for each charge to be served concurrently. A hearing whether to grant Mathis probation will be heard on November 4, however deputies took Mathis to jail after he tested positive for marijuana in court.

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(Photos via Dothan Eagle screenshot)

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  1. gordon says:

    This freak and his wife are a real embarrassment to the White people of Alabama. I hope he gets a thrashing the in Prison and has to eat out of a straw. The wife best get the same and pray to God their child does not become another burden to Society. Hard Labor needs to come back as a form of rehabilitation even if it just smashing rocks all day.

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Well I hope they don’t give they BASTARD PROBATION!!!! His wife needs to be PUT in PRISON too and their children NEED to be removed and found decent families to raise and nurture them so they HOPEFULLY won’t end up like those 2 PUKES they have as parents!!!


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