Jail time for man who dragged puppy behind truck

Man dragged puppy behind truck
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Jail time has been ordered for a Brewer, Maine, man who dragged a puppy behind his truck earlier this year. According to Thursday’s WGME News, 31-year-old puppy dragger Jeffrey Mayhew has been sentenced to 118 days, a fine and he is forbidden from ever owning animals again as a result of the June incident.

Mayhew will spend his time behind bars at the Penobscot County Jail after accepting a plea deal for dragging a puppy behind his vehicle on June 28 – the pup, a six-month-old pit bull mix dubbed “Phoenix,” sustained injuries to his paws and legs, but survived the dragging.

Mayhew claims that dragging the puppy behind his truck was an accident and that he did not intend to cause the puppy harm. The injured pup was surrendered from Mayhew to the Bangor Humane Society.

Mayhew, who drove with the puppy tethered to the truck’s rear bumper, is accused of being impaired on the day of the incident.

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  1. 118 days? That’s it? He claimed he wasn’t trying to hurt the puppy and it was an accident? He needs 5 years mandatory minimum and the asshole judge needs to be disbarred, what a clusterf-ck!


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