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Adorable video – ‘Dug’ the talking dog

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Have you seen the adorable new video of “Dug” the talking dog? Yes, “Dug,” the animated dog who starred in Pixar’s “Up” movie has been transformed into a living, breathing golden retriever who is set loose in a park to interact with stunned park visitors who have their “minds blown” by the talking dog who greets them.

Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life is part of a digital series by Oh My Disney called “Disney IRL (In Real Life).”  Dug the talking dog is given his voice by actor Bob Peterson.

It’s impossible to deny the smile that this video inspires – Dug wears his high-tech collar which allows him to speak like a human, but act like an adorably distracted dog. From “I have just met you and I LOVE you,” to “Ball!,” and of course, every dog’s favorite distraction…”Squirrel!!”

Enjoy a few minutes of happy distraction – Real Life Dug is worth it.



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