Owner jailed: Starved dog so hungry ate child’s shoe before dying

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In the heartbreaking death of a Staffordshire bull terrier, the abandoned and starved dog resorted to eating a child’s shoe because she was so hungry. According to the Manchester Evening News, the dog’s owner admitted in court on Friday he didn’t “give a second thought” to his dog.

Carl McQuillan, 29, who resides in the city of Salford, England, was ordered to jail for the next 26 weeks for the death of his dog Cleo, after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering. As the prosecutor told the court, McQuillan never looked back at Cleo as he walked out of the home to move in with his father after his stepmother had become very ill.

The RSPCA had been called out previously for reports of an abandoned dog, however McQuillan assured authorities the dog had not been left alone. Just three months later, however officers were called back to the residence concerning a nuisance complaint. McQuillan told authorities he had returned to the old address to retrieve medications left there – and that’s when Cleo was found – the body of the starved dog had decomposed, and the stench was overwhelming.

A necropsy revealed Cleo could have died any time from eight days to 40 days before her body was found by police. Veterinarians found a child’s shoe in her stomach – the dog’s last ditch effort to stave off her starvation.

McQuillan’s defense attorney told  the court he fully accepted the responsibility for his dog’s death; he was also found guilty of assaulting his partner. The Manchester Magistrate addressed McQuillan just before he ordered the animal abuser to jail:

“It was a horrendous offense. There was quite clearly neglect… The starved dog had tried to eat just anything before it died. I have no doubt it suffered a miserable death.”

Rest in peace Cleo.

(Photo of starved dog via screenshot Manchester Evening News)

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8 replies
  1. Darla says:

    Cleo, I’m so sorry you suffered. I’m sure you wondered what you had done wrong to be left alone and that you still loved the POS even though he starved you. McQuillan, I hope you rot in He** someday. The sooner the better. I’d gladly starve you and not give a second thought about it….just like you never gave a second thought about Cleo and her suffering.

  2. Judith piper says:

    Hope he dies alone unloved and starving just as he did to his dog serve him right he deserves that to happen to him

  3. Tony says:

    Show his picture so the world will no what his sorry ass looks like. So they can deny him having another animal. Poor dog rip. Karmas coming for you bud.

  4. edward says:

    A scumbag I would take more than the shields Trevor down your f****** throat you low-life piece of s*** about battery acid right now you scumbag douchebag piece of s***

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Once again RSPCA has proven both its incompetence and unconcern for an animal. The neglect was reported and they did NOTHING – Cleo died because they left her there with an animal abuser who could have cared less about her welfare – AND the wonderful court system literally slapped Carl McQullan’s hand when he should have received EXACTLY what he gave Cleo – NOTHING.


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