Puppies stolen from shelter

Three sick puppies stolen from animal shelter

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Three 10-week-old puppies, sick with upper respiratory infections, were stolen from an animal shelter in Arizona over the weekend. According to the Arizona Animal Welfare League, the three cattle-dog mix puppies were taken on Sunday night from the shelter which is located at 40th Street and Washington in Phoenix.


On October 26, the shelter posted information about the crime to Facebook followers:

Security cameras picked up video of three individuals, two males and one female, dressed in hoodies, entering a secure area and taking the pups out of the kennel where they were all housed together.

Judith Gardner, President of AAWL said that the pups need to be returned to the shelter as soon as possible so they can receive the rest of their medications before being released for adoption. Gardner stated, “These little guys are very young and at risk of becoming very ill if they are not returned quickly.”

Puppies stolen from shelter

On Friday, the shelter indicated that the culprits had not yet been found and the puppies are still missing. The shelter wrote, “We are still looking for our sick puppies that were stolen from our shelter Sunday at 40th st. and Washington, and we are now offering a reward of $500 for information that leads to the safe return of the puppies. They need medical treatment or they may die. ”

Additional cameras and extra security precautions have been added to the kennel area. Please contact mmorefield@aawl.org if you have any information about this crime.

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