Owner devastated: Beloved Huskies shot and tortured at close range

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The owner of two friendly Huskies in Audubon, Minnesota  is grieving over the death of one of his dogs and hoping the other dog that had been seriously injured will survive, reports WDay6News.

John Houle had been searching for his Huskies since Wednesday after he believes someone  intentionally coaxed the dogs away out of the yard and away from their home. Sadly, Houle found the first dog named Denali about a mile away; the dog was seriously injured, but still alive. The other Husky, Diego, was not so lucky and was dead when Houle found him. Both dogs had  been shot at close range and pummeled with BB pellets. Radiographs showed Denali to have been shot with 40 pellets in his front two legs.

And the questions remains … why would anyone want to harm two very friendly dogs who loved playing in the snow, loved playing with children and loved life?

“Neither one of them would hurt a fly,” Houle stated.

Denali is expected to recover, but will lose one of his legs. Diego will be buried at his home. Anyone with information is asked to call the Becker County Sheriff’s Office. Help these sweet dogs find some justice. Someone knows who did this to two innocent animals.

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(Photo via screenshot Wdaz8News)


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Some disgusting POS decided it was fair game to shoot these beautiful dogs. What Sport!!!!!! I hope they find out who did this, there isn’t a harsh enough punishment for the monster that thought it was ok to shoot two dogs! My Condolences to John Houle for his loss of Diego and speedy recover for Danali, I can’t imagine the heartbreak!

    • Tracy says:

      I agree 100%with the other people’s comments. My heart is with u&ur Beautiful babies. They R my favorite breed of dog&my dream dog. Wot sort of disgusting piece of shit does this 2such Beautiful innocence?They don’t deserve to live. I hope they find the arseholes & U get justice 4ur Beautiful babies. My heart is with U. Love& Respect X

    • Trish says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss..it’s terrible the inhumane things people do and I hope your other dog gets better and will be okay..I hope whoever did this inhumane and cruel thing get caught and severely punished..people are cruel and heartless..so sorry and God Bless your family..

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Question IS were these 2 dogs even in a fenced enclosure ? Were they there with no supervision with just a blanket together? Whoever did this was a Rotten! Scum Bag ! The family should have insured the SAFE TY of Their Pet’s too!!! No matter how well trained an animal is they can/ will be lead astray if they are enticed enough by something ! After all they are dogs, not graduates of MIT!

  3. Ellen Anderson says:

    the question that actually remains is this: WHY in the world do owners still leave their sweet, cherished and beloved pets outside unattended? Similar tragedies happen every day nationwide …. owners never think it will happen to them, but it can and does. Please … if you care about your pets and love them so much ….. do not leave them alone where harm can come to them in any way.

  4. ApocNow says:

    Another pos parenting failure no doubt. Moronic people raising imbecile children. Only way they can get their jollies I suppose.

  5. Melody says:

    This happened in Audubon, MN. Not Michigan. Hopefully they will catch and prosecute the POS who did this terrible deed.


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