Disturbing cruelty: Horse dragged behind truck as foal follows to keep up

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A horse owner, who tethered his mare to the back of his pickup truck and dragged her along main roadways in Lincolnshire has been slammed among citizens, animal advocates and social media for causing “distressful, traumatic and painful”  animal cruelty reports the Express.

horse-dragged-thru-traffic-2On Thursday, a heartbreaking 57-second video shows the frightened animal nearly getting hit by an oncoming driver at a T-Junction in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. The blue vehicle was spotted when the driver pulled out of a field with the horse tied to the back of the truck, and a foal was left to frantically follow behind her mother.

The video clearly shows the horse struggling to keep up as the rope pulls tighter whenever the horse slows up. At one part in the video, the foal was almost hit by an oncoming vehicle as the baby had no idea what was happening and danced  around the traffic in pure fright. Cars swerved and braked to avoid hitting the young horse.

According to the Lincolnshire Echo, the RSPCA  has asked for the public’s help in identifying the driver.

“These images look very distressing; it must have been very traumatic and painful for this horse to be pulled along in this way with a foal trailing behind. Other road users are also being put in danger by the looks of these pictures…”

Anyone with information is asked to call the cruelty line on 0300 123 4999.

(Photos via screenshots of video)

View video here.

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