Man arrested for shooting crated puppy in the head

Man arrested for shooting dog
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A Virginia man, believed to be responsible for shooting a crated puppy in the head in early September, has been arrested. According to Friday’s WSET News, the man accused of the heinous act of cruelty which claimed the seven-to-eight-month-old puppy’s life, has been identified as Chance Davis.

Davis is believed to have shot the Labrador retriever mix puppy early last month – at the time of the shooting, the puppy was contained inside of a blue crate. The deceased puppy, who was shot in the head, was discovered on the side of Holcomb Path Road in Campbell County in September.

puppy shot in the head

If Davis is found guilty of the felony animal cruelty charge resulting from the death of the puppy, he could face considerable time in prison.

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(Photos WSET News)


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