Judge orders Portland woman banned for life from ever owning dogs

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A Portland woman has been banned from ever owning or caring for dogs again after she mistreated her pets; one of which had to be euthanized, reports The Tennessean.

On September 16, Amber Mittelstrasser, 23, pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty. At the Sumner County General Court, Judge Mike Carter sentenced her to 11 months and 29 days  of probation,  ordered her to  pay $449 in veterinary costs and to spend 15 days in jail beginning on Friday, September 23rd. The judge’s ruling read:

(Mittelstrasser) “shall not own, possess, or otherwise exercise control over any dog for the remainder of her lifetime.”

On August 19, the Sumner County Sheriff’s Officer Animal Control discovered two dogs in Mittelstrasser’s care in extremely poor condition. Darcie, a five-year-old Beagle had been bleeding from an embedded collar in her neck; Mittelstrasser telling authorities she “just fogot about it.” In addition, a gray and white pit bull with a heavy log chain attached to his neck was found emaciated and the deputy spotted the dog’s ribs and hip bones from the driveway – 35 feet away.

“Chevy was adopted but brought back because he was aggressive and extremely heartworm-positive,” stated Animal Control Sgt. Sean Ryan. “The disease was very, very advanced and Chevy was euthanized. Darcie can be healed, and she will be fine. She was sent out to a local rescue.”

During probation, Mittelstrasser will be required to submit to drug testing.

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22 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I’d like to knock the smirk off that face of that young bitche. What a pathetic excuse for a living creature “it” is. You can see by that look on her face she’s got an arrogance above all others in her warped, stupid brain. How do you forget about a dog collar????? I’d like to put a “self tightening” collar around “its” neck and forget about it. Judge should ordered “it” to be spayed so “ir” doesn’t breed more of the same. God help any kids born to that maggot puke bag skank.

  2. Darla says:

    She’s 19 years old and will probably, unfortunately, live to be 90. Just who in the hell is going to enforce her not having a dog for the rest of her life???

  3. SHELLY R Berchem says:

    THANK GOD, the judge stood up for God’s creation and will never allow this INHUMANE CRAZY BITCH to ever own a pet again! I wish their was more jail time… I hope when she goes to jail someone will smack that smug look right off of her face! It is obvious she has a big chip on her shoulders, just look at her mug shot. MAY GOD AND KARMA RETURN THE FATE TO YOU TEN FOLD… One of the pets had to be euthanized, too bad society couldn’t euthnize this low life!

  4. maxiemom says:

    If only they could put one of those chains on her filthy neck and a collar that’s too damned tight so it becomes embedded….. Her dog was so badly treated she became aggressive, which is what happens frequently. If the poor baby had had some training and time afterward, who knows. I wish, instead of 15 days, it had been 15 years WITH an embedded collar on her miserable neck! At least she won’t won’t be allowed to do this to another dog legally again.

  5. Diane says:

    Finally a judge that “gets it”!! Although she should have had a lengthy time imprisoned, it is fabulous that she will never legally be allowed to have a dog. However, now is where that national register of abusers would be needed, to be more sure that the law is followed

  6. susispot says:

    With any luck, she will test dirty and have to do the 11 mos + 29 days. RIP Chevy. You didn’t have a chance in this world. If the light bulb doesn’t go on very soon, I imagine this piece of waste will OD.

  7. Chip Bailey says:

    That White Trash Female is living proof that women are really filling up Prisons unlike previous decades. This woman should have been forced to undergo sterilization to ensure she never bear children for that gene pool needs to end.

  8. Sherry says:

    Thank god she can never own another dog again, obviously she isn’t fit to own a plant. However, probation is it for this kind of suffering put on two animals?? They matter more than that to me, JUDGE. The dog adopted out and returned was no doubt turned aggressive from being left to languish on a heavy chain, starving for the next meal, probably doesn’t trust humans, for very good reason. I am sure there was more cruel treatment going on behind closed doors. this truly sucks.wish dogs could talk. I bet this animal could have been rehabilitated instead of euthanized. Hopefully the other dog Darci will get a shot at a life with a great owner. Prayers to the deceased and living pup.


    Anyone that smokes pot or do drugs should not own an animal. This bitch looks like a trash druggie that needs to be swept to the garbage. It’s too bad chevy had to be euthanize, and even if the disease is advanced, the dog should be treated and not be euthanize! If the dog can speak, I doubt it if she’ll say ok just put me down. Instead, I think she’ll say ” please heal me”.

  10. PAMELA D says:

    This bitch needs her ugly ass face to be pushed inside out. She is nothing but white trash low life POS. If these animal abusers were normal they would ask themselves would they like to be treated this way. I say put all these bastards in one building and blow it the fuck up.


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