Nearly 50 dogs and cats removed from San Antonio hoarder home

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In San Antonio, Texas, animal cruelty investigators removed 35 dogs, four cats, six chickens and one parrot from a home on Wednesday morning one by one, reports MySanAntonio.

In what has been described as a “hoarding situation,” the home  on the 8500 block of Big Creek, had piles of feces on the floor and dried urine throughout the interior of the residence. In the past, Animal Control, based on previous complaints, tried to convince the owner to comply with city ordinances allowing only five dogs in a home.

Rescuers had to wear masks during the seizure as the ammonia climbed to dangerous levels; rescuers waited until hazmat air respirators were brought in to aid in the seizure.

“Because of the dangerously high ammonia  levels, it’s unsafe for any person, any animal, to reside in the house,” stated Joel Skidomore, an Animal Care Services supervisor for San Antonio.

The dogs were found in varying health conditions – some were held in crates and kennels, and some of the dogs ran freely in the house. Four dead animals  were found in a refrigerator. The homeowner, identified as Jacqueline Paniagua as reported by Express News stated she had found the animals and brought them home with hopes she could get them adopted. Paniagua  admitted she didn’t have the money to properly care for the animals and had been gone for two weeks and left someone else in charge who was supposed to have been caring for the animals.

A hearing is scheduled and a judge will determine if criminal charges will be pressed against Paniagua.

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(Photo screenshot via Express News)

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  1. susispot says:

    Happy the animals have been removed. An. Control was aware of this hoarder. Maybe they should have visited sooner? Praying for homes for them all.


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