Extreme neglect: Dog seized with thousands of ticks

In South Africa, a welfare organization respected as the pioneer of community based primary veterinary services, were shocked at the condition of an “unwanted” dog on Friday morning. claw-3

Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) posted disturbing photos of a rescued dog suffering from tick fever and covered in thousands of ticks. Many of the communities where CLAW works suffer from extreme poverty and do not have access to veterinary care. A Facebook post described the emergency situation:

“Just in. Unwanted and collected by our team. We are all in tears, but Dr. Marike has treated her and put her on a drip. Yes, these are ticks and yes, she is positive for tick bite fever. We have to wait for the ticks to fall off; otherwise she will bleed terribly and she is already anemic…”

As to  the owner, the organization stated the dog, dubbed Belle, was seized as an “emergency call” and next week the owners will be held accountable. It is against the law to allow any animal to become infected with so many parasites. Fortunately the ticks are now falling off after Belle was sprayed and treated with appropriate treatment. Early Saturday morning, her picture was posted, and although Belle still is shedding ticks, her condition seems much improved.claw-4

For anyone interested in visiting the organization or Belle, the facility is located on the West Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. Belle is in the veterinary clinic which is staffed by two veterinarians and vet techs and other support staff.

For those who wish to donate, the organization’s banking information is as follows:

Florida Branch Code: 190 541
Account #: 190 512 5232
NPO Registration #: 007 416
Swift code: nedszajj

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  1. Peg Stewart
    Peg Stewart says:

    That poor dog having to suffer like that with severe neglect and it’s 100% animal abuse.If,they lived in extreme poverty then they shouldn’t have got a dog or any other pet for that matter.It takes money to feed and look after them properly including their health.These people must to uneducated to let their dog suffer with all those disgusting ticks and having a tick fever.Thank goodness the dog is getting help and the ticks are falling off and being treated for a tick fever. I hope,they don’t get back their dog for any reason because,they don’t deserve any animal without having the money for it’s health care and feeding the dog.

  2. Phyllis Carlino
    Phyllis Carlino says:

    As I read all the stories and see pictures of each dog has been abused so severely I find myself feeling ill,sad,enraged and filled with sorrow that these dogs have had to suffer so horribly at the hands of some very sick people. Only recently have laws been passed that punish people for the horrible A abuse they have inflicted on these innocent, loving animals. These people are a danger to society as a whole. The penalties on the books for animal abuse are not nearly enough. Someday maybe the justice system will require anyone who has do these things to be evaluated by doctors and psychologists. This behavior is not ‘normal’.

  3. Edward
    Edward says:

    I disagree he should be shot but it should be done to image take a f****** billion ticks with huge barrel and throw his f****** ass in a lock him in there and actually punishment praise the Lord

  4. Norma Shatford
    Norma Shatford says:

    I just wish someone would inflict the same cruelty on the offenders as they inflict on these defenceless animals.They give unconditional love “only to be ill treated by what is meant to be the intelligent species of this planet”.God help us if that is intelligence.


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