3 police officers form human chain to rescue puppy drowning in sewer

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Thanks to three police officers in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, a little dog is safe after he was heroically rescued from drowning in an open sewer, reports the Daily Mail.

Area residents panicked when they spotted the frightened pup who had fallen into the sewer and had been struggling to stay afloat. When authorities arrived, they realized the difficulty of the situation, but had  to think fast – otherwise the exhausted pooch would drown. One of the officers, Jose Luis Capete stated:

“We realized that we needed to act soon so we simply formed a human chain by holding hands, and managed to get down to the dog and pull it out of the water. The place where the dog had fallen was very deep and had a lot of waste water…”

The successful save was recorded by an area resident and posted on social media. The men could be heard getting close to the barking dog and shouting to “grab his leg.” And with a good shake, the little guy was just thankful to be back on solid ground!

Check out the video and begin your day with a smile for a job well-done by our men in blue.

(Photos and video via YouTube)


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  1. Um, if you mean the country, it’s spelled “Colombia”, not “Columbia” (which is the name of a river, a university, a college, several cities in the US, a sportswear company, a media company, and many other things, but not a South American country.)


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