Cop’s offensive remark as he shot woman’s dog in the face

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In Aurora, Colorado, a dying dog’s last living moments with his owner went viral last month. According to CbsDenver, authorities contend police shot the dog because it had acted “aggressively.” A video released by police reveals the cop’s offensive remark as he shot a woman’s beloved dog in the face.valeria-rios-dead-dog-2

This week the dog’s owner, Valeria Rios, who is facing criminal charges including keeping a vicious, aggressive, or dangerous dog in her possession, viewed the video of her dog’s last day, as Angelo was shot by one of the officers. The tragic event occurred on October 22 when neighbors called 911 to report two  pit bulls were loose and had been attacking someone. Officers responded to the call; they wore their body cameras and a copy of the video released to Valeria was especially disturbing.

In the officer’s written report, he stated he was worried for the people’s safety, stating the larger of the two dogs had taken a defensive stance, and he was afraid for his safety and shot the dog. The dog’s owner, Valeria Rios, disputes the officer’s claim and wants to know why a taser or pepper spray could not have been used instead. Valeria claims the witnesses and officers exaggerated the situation, and the dogs attacked no one. Tragically, Valeria had to have her dog euthanized – the injury from the gunshot wound was too severe for her three-year-old Staffordshire terrier Angelo, to have survived.

According to CbsLocal, the officer could be heard in the video:

“I’ll put this mother-(expletive) down in a minute,” the officer responding to the call stated.

And then Angelo could be heard whimpering and crying as he ran away. By the time time Valeria arrived just moments later, Angelo was dying and his injuries too severe to have been saved. Valeria is angry how the officers laughed about shooting her dog, how Angelo cried out in agony when shot and how her dog wagged his tail until he took his last dying breath; all along Valeria stating her dog was not aggressive or vicious.

The animal attorney representing Valeria feels the police should have waited for Animal Control before shooting the dog, less than lethal methods could have been used and the department could benefit by training on how to confront dogs in stressful situations. These dogs are part of the family – not target practice, the attorney stated.

(Photo with cop’s offensive remarks via Cbs)

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9 replies
  1. edward says:

    I have to say you guys f***** up the Joe Bennett case now you say I’ll put him down in a m************ minute I wonder if the guy that had to blow your brains out called a criminal is going to be saying that to you douchebag you are nothing but a low-life piece of s*** you probably got your ass whooped in high school you were f****** f***** you should have a gun you should be on the police force you’re nothing but a low-life piece of s*** and that do a good look for ocean shore right all of like 30 pounds mother f*****

  2. maxiemom says:

    The dog took an “aggressive stance”? IN OTHER WORDS, the dog stood his ground, did not move, and was not going to hurt ANYONE unless provoked into it by a sadistic, SOB, gun happy POS cop! THIS is why people like me cannot get behind the ‘blue lives matter’ BS: because too many of them have no respect for the lives of everyone else! If that were my dog, that cop’s life would not matter one bit to me, just like it doesn’t now, any more than the life of any other trigger happy thug does.

    • Karen says:

      Agreed 100%!!! These so called “Men in Blue” are supposed to “Protect and Serve” but instead they take it upon themselves to attempt playing God, judgeing people & animals, they hide behind their weapons like the “COWARDS” they are and they are all way too trigger happy…the fact that he made the comment that he did about killing this mother fucker, just goes to show how controlling they really are. It sounds like he enjoyed what he was about to do… They answer to no one!!! It’s their code of silence…. Pretty scary…I have absolutely NO RESPECT…

  3. coloradobird says:

    I’m afraid I would have to put the officer down if he shot my dog. Just sayin’. My husband is former DPD and he wasn’t surprised that I said that, he thinks cops who shoot non-threatening dogs are scum.

  4. Debbie says:

    If I heard anyone laugh after shooting my dog that sob would die!!!!! One or ten. As they should. But they would anyway !!!! When one gets their retaliation shot in the head maybe they will think twice before engaging evil cruel acts against innocents!!!! No remorse they get what they deserve!


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